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Open Carry Holsters by Falco

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Open Carry Holsters

Just like their name suggests, open carry holsters are an ideal choice for those who aren’t required to carry concealed. There are several different types of holsters for open carry, depending on which region of your body the holster is attached to.

The most common type of open carry holsters are outside the waistband holsters. This group includes holsters carried on one’s dominant side (standard OWB holsters), holsters carried on the weaker side (cross draw holsters) and holsters attached to the 6 o’clock position (SoB holsters). Other popular types of open carry holsters are shoulder holsters, paddle holsters, drop-leg holsters and duty holsters.

No matter which carry method you prefer, holsters designed for open carry come with a couple of advantages not every single concealed carry holster offers. As they are not hidden underneath your clothing, open carry holsters are easily accessible, which also means they offer much quicker and more convenient draw and re-holstering than CCW holsters.

Open carry holsters are most frequently used in the states that allow for open carry. However, this group of gun holsters isn’t all that uncommon even in the states that only issue concealed carry permits. The reason for that is that holsters for open carry are utilized by pretty much every single Law Enforcement agency as well as military professionals.

Handgun holsters for open carry can be made of pretty much any holster material. Most commonly, these holsters are made either of leather or kydex. If a custom leather open carry holster is built well, then it will last you for ages (provided you take proper care of it). Also, open carry leather holsters look incredibly stylish and they are a great addition to any gentleman’s EDC set. Kydex open carry holsters are mostly employed by military professionals as they come with higher retention than nylon open carry holsters or those made of leather.
Open Carry Holsters Open Carry Holsters Open Carry Holsters

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