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Explorer Bag

Code: It. 1VB003

Traditional Quality Leather

Durable Stitching & Construction

Concealed Gun Compartment

Premium 5 Year Warranty

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This fanny pack is designed for off-body concealed carry. As it is made of premium Italian leather, the pouch both looks elegant and it's also comfortable to wear. The insides of this CCW pouch offer ample room for your handgun and the rest of your EDC. Its unisex design makes this fanny pack a great CCW choice for both men and women.

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This custom made leather fanny pack is designed for off-body concealed carry. The fanny pack comes in a unisex design, which makes it ideal concealed carry solution for both men and women. The pack consists of two zippered compartments. The main compartment is designed for concealment of your pistol or revolver. It includes a velcro modular wall, which holds the gun firmly, yet offering quick draw and reholstering. The front compartment can be used for storage of a spare magazine or speedloader, but it can also be used for documents or the rest of your EDC items.

The fanny pack is meant to be carried in one’s waist area. The bag is made entirely of premium Italian leather and it evokes a truly custom feel. The bag has the following dimensions - 9’’ x 6.7’’ x 2.3’’. It is ideal for concealment of medium sized handguns. The Explorer V.B. fanny pack is available in black color and it is suitable for both right and left-handed shooters. The fanny pack is designed with functionality and style in mind, which means it is an ideal solution for concealed carry of guns and magazines in an elegant and discreet way.

  • Designed for off-body carry
  • Offers deep concealment
  • Hand made product
  • Premium Italian leather
  • Attached to one’s waist area
  • Designed to conceal medium sized handguns
  • Very elegant and discreet look
  • Multiple zippered compartments
  • Velcro gun and magazine holders
  • For right and left hand use
  • Available in black color
  • Dimensions: 9’’ x 6.7’’ x 2.3’’
  • Premium 5 year warranty
  • Produced by Vega Holster

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