Cross Draw Leather Gun Holster Code: It. 131

Cross Draw Leather Gun Holster Code: It. 131

Cross Draw Leather Gun Holster
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On Stock
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Cross-Draw Carry Position
Cross-Draw Carry Position
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

If you are searching for a well-built leather cross draw option that will hold the gun without any problems even during a long drive or period of sitting this is the one for you. The widespread belt loops offer a firm base for the draw, the gun is secured by a thumb break and the leather holds the form for the re-holstering thanks to a lengthy wet-molding period.

All The Details

This belt holster is designed for the OWB cross-draw carry. It features two belt slots, which allow closer ride of the handgun and canted carry for comfortable carry. It is available in right and left-handed design and in black and brown color.The holster is designed for a 1.5'' belt. If you wish to have it made for a different belt size please specify it in the details.

Materials That Enable A Fast Draw

The cross draw position requires a good cant, strong leather and good stitching. This holster combines these assets. The leather and retention strap hold the gun in position and safe. The stitching supports the most manipulated areas.

Geometry Of The Holster Makes The Difference

The holster is positioned on the belt in a cross draw configuration supported by widespread and reinforced belt loops. The gun rides closely to the body and can be drawn easily. The holster has a geometry that puts the barrel and the handle in one straight line.

Shape And Perfect Fit Are The Key Features

The holster has been wet-molded during it’s weeks of production directly to a specific gun model.  This method allows the holster to accommodate only one weapon properly and safe. It fits like a glove and holds the shape.

The Story Of Our Leather

The holster has all the attributes thanks to a genuine cowhide leather. It has a thickness of 7 oz. The shape is retained thanks wet-molding. Our craftsmen use vegetable oils that are applied repeatedly to ensure all layers of leather are treated. The dying process then follows the treatment process, the leather is hand-dyed in natural colors layer by layer. The last step of the process is adding a shellac layer to prolong the lifespan of the holster.

Pistols And Revolvers

We tested the holster for both pistols and revolvers. The pistol fits without any problems as usual and seen on the pictures as well as the revolver. Both types of handguns are securely accommodated.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

  • OWB, cross-draw carry

  • Entire barrel is covered, open muzzle design

  • Available in black or mahogany leather

  • Steel-reinforced thumb break

  • Two belt slots for comfortable carry

  • Available in left and right-handed design

  • 5 year limited warranty

  • Produced By Falco Holsters

Customer reviews

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David Madrid
Loved it, excellent fit. Excellent quality and workmanship. Reply
Douglas Moore
Perfect holster. I just love it. Will buy more in the future!!!? Reply
John Slater
I really like the cross draw holster.workmanship,materials and fit (Sig P220) are first class Reply
Mike Harper
It's a well-built holster I do feel though the leather needs to be thicker but other than that no complaints Reply
Be patient, custom quality takes time. Shopped long for a leather cross draw holster. Landed on Craftholsters, received after about 6 weeks, was worth the wait. Short break-in period, have had to the range for around 100 draw and fire drills. Smooth thumb break, easy draw, easy reholster. You will NOT be disappointed. Reply
I'm well pleased with my holster. It's a perfect fit, good workmanship and good material. Plus the price was right for a leather holster. Took a few weeks to get here from Slovakia, but it was worth the wait. Reply
Ben Jeffery
The holster I received is very well well made. The quality of the leather used is very pleasing to the eye. The Design fit my 45 like a glove. the snap is very well designed and the holster is very well built. all the stitching is flawless. Reply
D Bryant
Excellent holster, good quality. Well pleased Reply
Kevin Loomis
This one is not in the drawer. I purchased this for when I'm traveling, so I'd have access to my Walther without a seat belt getting in the way. It broke in quickly, and fits my PPK/S perfectly. Thumb snap is easy to engage/disengage. Easily concealable as well...5 Stars! Reply
Lee Griffin
Beautiful craftsmanship and PERFECT fit. Money well spent for this holster. Reply
Mike Sullivan
The holster is a good fit with the pistol and holds it secure. Great quality leather and stitching as well. Reply
I have yet to wear it, but the handgun fits nicely and buckles up. The quality looks very good. I'm looking forward to using it. Reply
Joe B.
The holster is very well made, leather appears to be top grade. It's my first non-Kydex holster, so breaking in the leather took a bit, but it's perfect now. Had to get used to the retention snap (vs SERPA), and setting up a cross-draw on a belt is a little time consuming (not the holster's fault!). My only nit is that the belt slots could be a bit longer and wider; my go-to gun belt is thick leather. Other than that, it's a very nice, well crafted, beautiful piece of gear. Reply
Larry Hansen
I am very satisfied with the Craft Cross Draw holster. It is exactly what I expected and very well made. Thank You, Larry Hansen Reply
Clarence A Roller sr
Received the holster the other day. The craftsmanship is awesome. I have not had time to check it out real good, but my handgun fit in it kind of snug. The thumb break strap seem a little short to me as I have to struggle to get it to snap once the weapon is inside of it, and it is hard to get unsnapped to remove it. The personal initials were a smaller than I had expected also. All in all, I am pleased with my holster and would recommend it to others. Thanks. Reply
Fits my gun to a T! Firm fit, well supported, rounded corners for comfort, well constructed, very nice look and finish. I feel great, knowing that my gun is secure and at the ready. Reply
The best holster I've ever owned fit perfect a little wait but worth the it. Reply
Tom Crabill
I had my doubts about ordering online and overseas, but I got exactly what I ordered and a pleasant surprise. What I received was a quality product that I am very happy with. Thanks, Tom Crabill CW4 USA RET. Reply
I have only worn the holster a couple time and so far out had performed very well. I appreciate the attention to detail that went into making it . Reply
Rita Handy
Edward Camacho
The first holster I received was of great quality, the only thing was it was the wrong one for my gun do to my information I gave. It was supposed to be for the ruger gp100 match champion, and the first one I ordered was for the ruger gp100. I can't wait to receive my new one then I will have more to say. Thank you. Reply
Excelent holster I switched to a cross draw years ago to access my weapon from a sitting position. Being a lefty makes it hard to find but this holster is stylish, comfortable and durable. Spent a day in the saddle and sweated through to the leather but when it dried could not tell it was there. Will definately purchase again. Reply
Jim, Columbus, Ohio (USA)
I purchased two cross-draw holsters from Craft Holsters. When I finally received the beautifully crafted holsters (the six weeks seemed like FOREVER), I was totally bummed that they wouldn't fit ME. I had a wonderful experience with the folks at Craft Holsters. They were prompt in responding to my emails and attempted to work with me on the holsters. Ultimately, my purchase will be refunded. There were a couple of issues with the holsters' fit to my pistols that would have most likely been resolved with the proper break-in. I wish I could have "tried on" the holsters before buying them. It's like buying a pair of trousers or shoes, unseen; nothing wrong with the items themselves, but they don't fit me. Thanks to all involved. Reply
Michael Bruner
Great holster! Quality leather, perfect fit! Reply
William Harris
Excellent work by a skilled artist. I'm still trying to get to the weapon to draw smoother from the holster. I guess that time will remedy that drawback. Reply
I love this holster for my Ruger Alaskan. It is very comfortable and easy to draw. The snap keeps the weapon secure. I much prefer this holster to the chest holster type. I just wore this rig while field dressing a moose and carrying it out of the field. Never a second thought about it. Definitely check this rig out. Considering it for my EDC. Reply
Dan Bernacchi
Good quality leather, stiff at first, takes a couple of days and works great. I like the cross draw for driving a car, does not get in the way of seatbelt and is easy to reach - I am right handed Reply
PERFECT FIT!!! Very nice style and leather quality. Reply
C Chang
Well made, custom fit with quality materials. Reply
Terry Weimer
The holster exceeded my expectations. The craftsmanship is outstanding and it fits my kimber perfectly. The wait to recieve my holster was worth it. Reply
David Richter
Broke in cross draw holster by placing thin sock over pistol and pushing it into holster and leaving it for a week. After that the pistol drew smoothly and made access easy. The thumb strap was something I like to use with the pistol in the cocked position. placing the strap between the hammer and firing pin for added safety. Leather and craftsmanship are good quality. very happy with this holster. Reply
Mike D
Excellent workmanship. Nice leather and color. Fits my Kimberly ultra carry II great. Rides comfortably when sitting. Could not ask for more. A holster one would be proud to wear. Reply
James Clark
Excellent holster, top quality, fits the gun perfectly. Tight fit so it does not slip, it is not loose. I have only had it a couple of weeks so it is still hard to draw but should loosen up with a little more work. If I could give more than 5 stars i would! Reply
Very snug fit. Comfortable like the angle it fits me just right Reply
Greg Rasar
The holster arrived and visually was a perfect match in appearance as that presented on the CRAFT Holsters website. My first impression was that the leather was quite thin and flimsy, however...after placing my firearm into the holster and seeing how tight and securely it held the firearm, I began to appreciate the secure glove-like fit. Unlike other holsters I have used that were constructed of thick, heavy leather that added bulk to the holster, It became apparent that the holster was appropriately constructed for it's intended purpose of securely holding your firearm in a standing or seated position. Break-in was a breeze by simply holstering the firearm (unloaded of course) and twisting the firearm inside the holster. After about 100 cycles of holstering and unholstering the firearm, the result was a secure and positive hold on the firearm with a smooth draw. The thumb-break snaps securely and breaks in a positive manner. I ordered my holster for a 2-inch wide belt, and when paired with my sturdy, steel core, reinforced belt, rides close to the body and makes for a quick and positive draw from the holster. I would definitely recommend this holster to anyone who wants a comfortable all-day cay while seated in a vehicle. Reply
Very good holster, excellant material & workmanship.... definately custom unit not off the shelf cookie-cutter "sorta-fit".... proper breaking in definately required... being custom, be prepared to wait a while, as they say, great work takes time. Very good customer service & follow through, even real person to answer a phone call (being in Europe, time zone awareness required). Advise premum shipping option Reply
Morris Kanowitz
when i first got the holster, i couldnt get the gun into it..i had to hold the holster on the floor and push the gun in..when i got it into the holster, i couldnt get it out w/o extraordinary effor. I received instructions from you folks on how to "work" the holster. I followed those instructions and after about 3 weeks of constantly working the gun in and out of the holster, it's now at a point that i can draw my weapon w/some speed. Im still not completely comfortable w/it if an emergency were to arise but i keep working and practicing w/it. I do like the idea of a cross draw, but honestly, i think ill stick w/kydex style holsters..A few screw adjustments and you're good to go. It takes too much work to make this holster serviceable. I keep practicing w/it and do hope to begin using it for concealed carry one of these days. Reply
Best holster ever. Exactly what I had wanted, perfect fit to my 3 inch Smith Model 60. Great workmanship and quality leather. I have recommended this holster to several friends. Reply
Jesse Cameron
Top notch quality, tight at first, but i promise you it will loosen up and break in. Just follow the instruction. Received follow up emails through out the process, greatly appreciated. Money and time well spent. Highly recommended!! Reply
Dr. Ed Ashby
Great holster. Real quality and craftsmanship which I can highly recommend. I carry my Glock 35 in this holster virtually every day when working about the property. Living near the southern border in Texas one never knows what will be encountered! Reply
William Kotila
Very good holster. Took awhile to get it, but no U s company offered the design I wanted at a comparable price. Reply
Tony webb
Your holsters are better than any "off the rack" holsters by a long shot (no pun intended) I tell everyone to use craft holsters and don't waste time and money on anything else....tony webb Reply
Danny Recklein
This is my second order. I liked my holster for my Walther PK380 so much that I ordered one for my Walther CCP. These are high quality hand crafted holsters and you won't be sorry if you order one. I didn't mind a little extra time to arrive because I knew they would be worth the wait. Reply
Kenneth Fischer
This is a great holster, gun fits nice, easy out, comfortable to wear. I recomend if you want a high quality holster. Reply
Ron Welch
I received my holster in just over a month from placing the order ahead of the 5-7 weeks that was given as to when to expect delivery. At first I thought it was slightly to small since it was very difficult to snap it. But I followed the advise to put the pistol in a ziplock type bag and push it firmly into the holster. I did that and left it overnight and it stretched the leather just enough to acheive a near perfect snug fit. There were no crossdraw holsters to be found in gunstores or places like Bass Pro or Cabela's. This holster is exactly what I was looking for which fis in a natural reach position for me and especially while sitting in a vehicle where it may be necessary to access your weapon in a criminal car jacking attempt. Reply
excellent quality and craftsmanship Reply
The quality of materials and workmanship is excellent. Customer service is great. I am 81 and drawing my Walther PPQ 45 is difficult because of arthritis in my right shoulder. The ease of drawing from the cross draw holster will extend my carry time significantly. Very pleased! Reply
Scott Hardy
Great quality . The cross draw action is the safest Holster to own. It is visible from the front only, where it is most protected. It requires only natural arm bending movement to draw. In this position I can access my weapon with either hand if needed. While driving my vehicle it is out of reach from passengers. I will not need another Holster till I buy another Pistol. Very Happy. Reply
Greg morris
Love the cross draw. But the mag release keeps getting pushed and when I stand up the mag falls out. I'm going to trim some leather right where the release button is and see how that works. Reply
Daren Harris
Very good quality, at a price that is hard to believe, considering, custom, hand tooled product...2 thumbs up! Reply
Jonathon Hood
Excellent quality, fit and more than I had expected. Very secure with very easy access. A high quality product with a very reasonable price. Reply
Dan Jozwiak
The crossover is very well constructed, but it is so glove tight that it is hard to with draw the firearm. If it was needed quickly an individual would be in big trouble. I have used the plastic bag trick to the depth of four sandwich bags at a time. That is the only issue I have had with the holster. Will try the denatured alcohol treatment next. Reply
chuck pell
I am very happy with my purchase. It does fit like a glove and I can find no flaws in the workmanship. It was well worth the wait. Reply
Daniel Heidger
Nice holster. Would buy another one when the time comes. Thank You Reply
Frank Nannetti Jr.
Well built, good quality, but doesn't hug body close enough Reply
Dan R
A very fine piece of quality work and material. When you get it you will see what I mean. I ordered mine with my initials on it I plan to keep it for a very long time. Reply
Excellent product. Well made for the gun I specified. Reply
Well fitted and draws smoothly with no break in required. Got a cross draw for car jacked protection. I can draw seated and get a left and right shot off in about two seconds. Great holster for my J Frame. Reply
Tim Flora
The gun fit the holster but would not snap. Had to cut off the snap closure to keep the gun from catching on the snap. Reply
Dana Harris
Fits my gun and belt well. Strong single stitching. Good finish. Plastic liner on inside of snap to protect firearm. Angle of crossdraw is perfect. Note: true crossdraw is hard to find these days and I was happy to find Craft making them. Reply
Dan G
well made, perfect fit, will definitely buy one for my other edc Reply
Jeff Martin
So far so good!! Very well made!! The holster is comfortable and snugly holds my Ruger sr9c!! A very good product!! Reply
William Klein
After 40 years in law enforcement, I have had many cross draw holsters. Without a doubt, the Craft Cross Draw is the best holster I have had. Reply
well made little expensive, good leather but pretty thin, the retention strap was to short to snap and took a lot of stretching to finally get it to snap. Reply
Super holster very comfortable to wear and high quality, just know it takes a little bit to wear it in. Reply
R Johnson
Great holster. Perfect fit. Reply
James Hill
I bought this holster for my Ruger SR45 and I consider it to be a quality holster. It is a good looking holster and the boning and stitching are first rate. It is secure, comfortable and easy to use sitting or standing. However, the thumb strap was more than 1/4 of an inch too short. I routinely use thumb snap holsters, but that is very close to the limit that the strap can be safely stretched. It took a couple of days to stretch by hand but now the strap is pretty limp, which makes snapping it a little difficult. While it is still a tight fight for my SR45 , it is a perfect fit for my SR9. Reply
James Robbins
I am happy with my holster & it is very comfortable while driving. This is only true with a seperate belt, since the belt loops restrict the necessary flexability of my size 40 waist. Reply
gary haufmann
The holster is well made and I have no complaints there. However, almost every time I wear it when I go to take the pistol out afterwards I find the safety has been disengaged. On a single action only pistol this is very disconcerting and I am trying to figure out what is going on. Reply
The cross draw holster I received from Craft Holsters was very well made and the holster was everything Craft advertised it would be. I give it 5 stars and it won't be the last holster I order from Craft. Have a great holiday season. Reply
Rita Handy
I am so thankful, to find this company! THESE HOLSTERS ARE AWESOME!! PERFECT cross draw, PRFECT fit for my guns. Have bought two holsters and both are FANTASTIC. I will use them always, from now worth the wait! EXACTLY what I wanted! Rita Handy Reply
Ronald D> OFlyng
After breaking in the holster my gun fitted perfectly. It fits nicely against my left side and it is easy to draw my gun. Excellent workmanship. Thanks Reply
William Watters
Faster than expected production and delivery. Holster is very well made and broke in rather easily and does fit like a glove. I would buy from Craft Holsters again. Reply
100% pleased with my Craft holster. The leather quality and craftsmanship are superb. Can't imagine it possible to get a better holster anywhere on planet earth. Reply
nice holster, took a while Reply
Great holster. Fits my Berreta PX 4 9 mm subcompact. BUT....not for a small waist if you wish the holster to fit comfortably. Other than that......I would recommend to everyone. Good quality and great workmanship Reply
It was a long wait, but well worth it. I have found that the only real comfortable holster is a hand crafted holster. Some times I forget I am wearing the one you made for me- thanks. Have my eye on your right handed CC holster....send me a discount coupon. LOL Reply
Patricia Shugars
I really love my holster I have bought several have them in my drawer probably the same as you do don't like them paid more for this one but I like it much much better I would recommend this place to anybody who wants a good quality holster I've seen them for higher prices but was not made as good I finally found a holster that I really like actually for the quality the price was well worth it Reply
D Taylor
I got the holster after a month. I had to force the gun into the holster, it was super tight!!! I watched the video on how to help the holster fit the gun. Yes it worked with a lot of effort!! My suggestion to the manufacturer is to let the holster dry thoroughly, on the gun blank before packaging!! Reply
Major Wright, US Army
Excellent holster, best fit out of the box of any premium holster I've ever used, fit's well on belt, would definitely buy again. Great for my CZ-75B Reply
Garry Warber
I held off a review until the holster had some break in use. It is my first leather holster. I like it a lot. It makes my large revolver much easier to carry and use concealed. The use and what to expect information was exactly what happened. Reply
looks and feels great, like most things needed breaking in. don't really like the safety strap but I will get use to it/ Reply
Ron Brown
It took forever (approx. 6 weeks) for the holster to be delivered. The quality of the holster is adequate however the hammer strap is too short and will not close properly. Following several attempts to correct the issue with recommendations from the manufacturer, the strap still would not close. The company did refund me for the holster. Reply
Larry S.
Initial fit was very tight but after following recommended holster break in procedures my Kimber micro 9 fits perfectly. Holster cant is just right for both sitting and standing draw. Quality of leather and workmanship is excellent. Body fit is also excellent and can be worn all day in total comfort without any tell under shirt or light jacket. My next holster will also be a Craft. Reply
Patricia Shugars
I absolutely love my holster I finally found the one and I also like the way they give you directions to where it in so that the gun comes in and out easily thank you so much I recommend this company to everyone try their holsters they are the number one Reply
Bill Krossa
Great quality. Kept me informed as to the progress in production. A very fine holster. Reply
looks beautiful, very well made but wish that holster would be more roomy. Very tight at the beginning, its already been a month since i try to break it in. And with cross draw pistols trigger guard is catching a folded leather on the seam. Reply
Dan G
The holster is excellent quality, fair price and it was delivered a few days before its promised delivery date, I have two of them now and will probably get at least one more Reply
Very nice holster. Perfect fit, we'll made. 5 stars Reply
This was my second order of a Craft Holster and this time my Kimber Micro9 fit like a glove AND they seem to have fixed the issue with the snap enclosure strap being too short. This one snapped with ease without a lot of stretching, etc. Well done! I rate this holster a 10+. Reply
Kent Frantzve
Excellent holster...well crafted. Break-in using the "plastic bag method" is super easy and results in an excellent fit. Reply
Thomas Wayne Birdsong
First class and very great quality. Reply
Great holster Reply
Peter Humleker
It looks great. I am traveling in Mexico so have not done anything with the holster yet. Reply
Don Hunton
Nice holster however it kicks safety off of my Colt. Reply
Larry S.
Best holster I've ever owned. Fits my Kimber micro 9 perfectly after short break in period. Very comfortable to wear while sitting, standing or engaged in physical activity. Drawing and holstering is smooth and easy. Body hugging design allows for discreet concealed carry. My next holster purchase will be another Craft product. Reply
Richard F. Winters
Best Holster I have ever bought. The craftsmanship is outstanding, high quality product. It was worth the wait. I recommend Craft Holsters to every concealed carry person. Reply
I simple luv my new holster. It took awhile to get but you can’t rush craftsmanship’s Reply
The best. Hands down. Leather, fit, and finish. Will definitely order another! Highly recommended! Reply
I have recently ordered and received three cross draw holsters for Charter Arms Bulldog in .44 Special, Glock 27 and Glock 43. All are remarkably well made. These cross draw holsters work extremely well when wearing heavy coats and parks as it's a lot easier to raise the coat with support hand or open it if you zipped the two way zipper up a little, and draw. The other carry options are not so easy in this particular situation. Very nice holsters. Reply
Joel Siler
Since holster was close fitting it took a lot of draws to get the leather loosened enough so a completely holstered gun can be drawn w/o two hands. Am still working on it. Also, snap refused to mate and I have had to work on that continually. However, when the holster gets "broke in" is going to be great, Beautiful, too. Reply
I took the time to write this review because it deserved , great product so glad I picked this company. Fits like a glove , fair price, great staff. Reply
The fit of the holster is perfect and it could be turned upside down and it will not release gun. the reason for four star is that retention strap will not work as designed. it is parallel to the hammer. it won't snap behind, in front of hammer or over handgrip. I would get rid of retention strap if you ever get another request for a 351pd. They are a pricy handgun. I wrap the female part of strap with tape to keep from scratching gun and poking in my side. again, the holster fit and the quality of leather is perfect. I believe that if holster fit is perfect, no need for strap. Reply
Mark N
These folks are just plain great to deal with and they make one heck of a holster! I've purchased 4 holsters from them to date, to include cross draw and strong side. Can't say enough good things about the quality and fit ... great attention to detail. They're particularly handy given that they offer handcrafted solutions for makes/calibers that don't have off-the-shelf holsters available. Reply
Snap may need to be changed or also needs to be broke in... Reply
Bill Janicki
SOB holster is great, excellent gun fit and quality of craftsmenship Reply
Tom Buckley
This holster is top notch. When it arrived it was a perfect fit for my Ruger SR9C no adjustments whatever. The color was as described. I am planning on ordering another holster for my Kimber 1911. Reply
Tom Brett
This holster is by far the best made high quality holster I have ever owned....Period Reply
Tom A
While the fit for my gun is perfect the quality of the finish and the snap are sub-standard compared to the many holsters from other manufacturers I already have. I would not purchase another one. Reply
Ronald Heady
I love how smooth this holster is. It fits like a glove for my Ruger SR9C 9mm. Its made of high quality material! I would recommend it to everyone who likes to carry cross draw! Reply
It's a real good holster. Fitted right; strap is right; thumb snap works right. Fit and finish is nice. It's exactly what I was looking for. Reply
Charley W.
Excellent quality and construction. I'm pleased with the holster. Reply
David Richter
Finally a true cross draw holster. Excellent reach when in sitting position and designed so the my pistol can be carried safely in the battery position with the hammer back and the retainer strap between the frame and hammer. Reply
The craftsmanship of this crossdraw is second to no one. Holster needed to be broken-in according to instructions, but once done, my Beretta 92FS fit like a glove. I changed the safety to a low-profile, single sided safety/de-cocker and it was even better! Couldn't ask for more. I would definitely recomed to others. Reply
excellent holster! the gun slid into position with just a little english. did not have to force it to get the snap to secure. consequently the draw was just as good. no lifting my pants up because the gun was bound into holster. leather color is uniform and the stitching is tight, clean and parellel with the cut of the holster. well done! dilly dilly! i would recommend (already have) and will purchase another. price is juuuust right. Reply
John B.
Well made and comfortable leather holster. Wear this holster daily, and even though it’s an OWB cross draw, it still conceals nicely under a no-tuck shirt. Holster is stiff enough to hug your torso closely, and shows no signs of sagging. Reinforced thumb break operates flawlessly. Very satisfied with this holster! Reply
10.5 out of 10. Have searched years for the right crossdraw. FINALLY, found it! Bought both semi & wheel carry. Quality is old school. Fact that I am taking time writing this tells you what you need to know. Reply
mark witter
very nice and well built holster, very comfortable to wear and as far as fit, it fits like a glove (686+ s/w) Reply
Kenny Stevens
A very nice holster, great leather and craftsmanship! Reply
Ronald M. Smith
Great looking holster and fitting.... At first the thumb strap was too tight and didn't snap, but after stretching by twisting it back in fourth it fine. Now all fits like a glove and on my side when leaving home. Reply
I am completely satisfied. The leather was an excellent weight for the purpose and the fit on the Kimber Custom II was snug and required nothing beyond the plastic bag over the pistol overnight technique to break in. Ask me in a year how it ages but I suspect gracefully aged leather of this quality will be noble. Reply
Keith Uttecht
I am still getting used to my new holster, but it is a fine piece of equipment and will do the job. Reply
jim griffin
nice holster and upon arrival I was well satisfied I have since ordered a second for another revolver I have. Reply
Duane Fox
This holster came just as advertised. Great quality of material and craftsmanship. I followed the fitment instructions and it worked great. Reply
Thomas Box
Well made and well functioning. The Break-in was quick, using the Wax Paper Method. Thanks, box Reply
Meredith kuehl
Well made! Alittle tight in the beginning but getting better. Was concerned about speed of draw initially but think some wear will fix that. Loved the plastic bag trick. Good holster. Thank you. Reply
Michael Hubbard
in my opinion, this holster i ordered from craft holsters was exactly what I had been looking for. the quality of leather and the stitching was excellent! I appreciate the "made on order" fit for my pistol and was fine with the wait time required to get it. (the right holster is well worth waiting for.) The cross draw design works perfectly for concealment and i am delighted with it!! A big THANK YOU to all the fine craft persons that made it!!!! Reply
Kenny Stevens
A great holster, fits perfect, looks great, quality in every regard, love it! Reply
Rita Handy
I LOVE my cross draw holster! I have bought so many, (in a drawer) Never Again...this holster is EXCELLENT! I am buying one for each gun I carry!!! Reply
The holster was worth the wait. Perfect fit and construction. Have never owned, nor seen, a better looking and functional holster. Will never buy anywhere else. Thank You, J.Robinson Reply
C. Dexter
Beautifully made. I have had it over a week now, and am working daily to loosen the fit. With security strap, there is no need for such an extreme fit to secure the gun. Am following their instructions to loosen the fit, am sure everything will finally loosen so I can draw the gun without tearing my belt off. Alltogether tho - a beautiful holster, perfect 45 degree draw angle - love it. Reply
Good quality & good fit for CZ75 or 85. The draw angle on the holster is almost horizontal which makes the draw angle very awkward. Sitting in a vehicle the seat belt covers the gun which means it can't be drawn with the seat belt fastened. Because of the almost horizontal draw angle the length between the belt loops, about 6", creates a long flat space that doesn't fit well on smaller waist sizes (34" or less). I wouldn't recommend this holster for guns with barrels 4 1/2" or longer. It would probably be good for guns with 3 1/2" or shorter barrels, except for the horizontal angle. Reply
Carl Goodman.
Great workmanship. 5 star quality Reply
Jim Gilmore
No one gets a 5 star from me for one reason, there is always room for improvement. That said, I am quite pleased with the quality of the product I bought, a cross draw holster. Like all gun leather, it is tight and requires some break in. I had a concern. Since the holster and I are on different continents I had to rely on a relative to fit the pistol to the holster for Q&A check. There was an apparent issue with the snap closing over the top of the firearm. We discussed this and I even sent a video. As we thought, it just needed to be worked in. Kudos for what appears to be a fine piece of gun leather. Jim Gilmore Reply
Mark E. Staats
This holster is perfect. Not only does it look great, but also is built tough. My pistol fits so snug with the an easy draw. The cool extended snap is a awsome invention. Very exciting holster. Highly recommended. Reply
Jim Nau
High quality and very pleased Reply
This is a great holster & the workmanship is great as well as the leather. My S&W 60-14 J frame had to have some modification to the thumb strap as it would not snap due to slightly too short, All in all I am appreciate this holster. I recommend this product & this seller. Reply
Jim Griffin
I woulld give Craft Holster a 5 star. I have ordered two , one for a S&W model 69 44 mag and one for a Beretta 96 A 1, Both in a model 131. They carry well and are easy to draw in times of need. I have had great service, Jim Griffin Reply
George Franklin
Well designed, perfect fit (if you follow instructions!). Reply
Perfect - Period! Reply
Tony Phillips
I looks nice havent with it yet. Letting it break in Reply
William Powell
After 6 wks of intense researching all over the internet, I chose the Cross Draw Craft Holster lT. 131 and the Leather Double Magazine Pouch lT 25/2 and couldn't be happier. It is exactly what I had hoped it to be. The quality is unmatched, top grade leather, perfect fit and conforms tightly right to my side. All my research paid off and I would recommend Craft Holsters to anyone who is as picky as me. Reply
Nicholas Oliva
It is a bit too early to provide an honest evaluation. I would be glad to do so after a bit of time-of-use, however, it does look great and well made. Thank you. Reply
Quality leather and workmanship, snug fit. Just what I wanted. Reply
David Richter
No other cross draw on the market like this one. This is a true cross draw design. The holster for my Kimber Micro 9 arrived and there was a problem engaging the thumb break strap, To Short!!!!, but easy fix. Used hot water on strap portion which stretched strap more than enough to allow closure. Process goes like this. Soak strap with hot water. Pull strap to stretch. Wrap pistol in thin plastic wrap to protect it from rusting. Place pistol in holster. Pulls strap closed and leave it for two days. After that the strap works just fine. Reply
Robert M
This holster well worth the money I like it well enough to order 2 more. I now have one for 2 of my favorite pistols, and one for my favorite revolver. Reply
David Deuschle
Quality leather and craftsmanship is evident. However the holster is too tight for the handgun. The snap strap is still too tight to snap after 2 weeks of wearing the handgun. It is hard to believe the model handgun was even tried for fit before holster was delivered. Reply
D Nicholson
Well constructed. Fit perfectly. One of three types purchased. All are great. Reply
Upon receiving my new holster for my Glock 26 pistol, it was understandably stiff and I had trouble inserting my gun fully into the holster, and even more trouble pulling it out. I followed the instructions about stretching the strap and placing the holster and gun into a gallon sized baggie overnight. The next morning it was noticeably easier to remove and insert the gun into the holster, and the snap engaged and undid perfectly. Then I used the alcohol method of lightly brushing alcohol onto the contact points inside the holster, and again placed it with the gun inserted into the holster and inside the baggie. The results were even better, but I decided to repeat this one more time. Now the gun plants and removes smoothly, and I am confident to wear and use this holster. I`m glad I was patient enough to wait for its shipment and the final results. Thanks guys for an excellent product. Reply
Dana Haynes
so far so good Reply
B A Horton
The holster fits the Beretta 9 PX4 quite well. I feel the leather is much thinner than I am used to on a quality holster. The Beretta sits well on the hip and angle is just right. It has the snap over the hammer. It’s the big pain trying to get it to snap and stay snapped. I am thinking of cuttingly it off since it’s such a pain. I would of rated this holster four stars if not for that problem. Reply
Tom K
This cross draw with snap fits my ruger lc9 pro with a crimson trace perfectly. Was slightly tight initially but after short storage with the gun in a plastic bag in the holster it works perfectly. Highly recommend even though there is a wait as it is custom made. Reply
Dale Nelson
Very well constructed, Was very tight on the gun but took a plastic bag over the gun and put in the holster. Worked well. Very impressive product and I will buy more. Worth the wait Reply
Jose Ortega
Great holsters! I'm wheelchair bound, and this is a great holster to use in my condition! Reply
OMG...WOW . I opened the paga up and one look made me say OHHH WOW . What a piece of Leather . Did the Bag trick . then Put in my Gun . Took a bit of work to get the strap to snap . But I have to say, This is the Best Holster I have ever tried .OUTSTANDING piece of Craftsmenship . My hat is of to ALL those that do the work . My Gun fits like a Glove . Best piece of Leather I have ever owned . Only thing I can compare it to was me First par of Red Wing Boots . Anyway , I LOVE it . I WILL spread the word to other members of the Gun Cubs I'm in . First would be the USCCA . My wife and i Both carry . That said , you All have a Wonderful week , and good luck with your Business . Will help you all I can by word of mouth and showing what great work you do . ps . I HATE KYDEX . HAGD :) Reply
William Powell
After 2 months of extensive research I chose Craft Leather Cross Draw Holster, iT 131, and couldn't be happier. It fits snug to my side, does not protrude and is great for CCW work. What I would tell others looking for a quality holster is to stop looking and contact Craft Holsters. You won't be disappointed. Reply
Bruce Martin
All in all it is a great holster. The only thing is that it is still really tight and I have followed the break in instructions. If I had to buy another I would ask for it to be made a little looser. I'm sure it will get better with time and it has only been a couple weeks. Shipment was fast. So far I think I will be happy with this well made holster Reply
Paul E
Not sure how I came across Craft Holsters in my search for a cross draw holster for my Beretta 80 series pistol, but am very glad I did. The first thing I would like to say is this is what "true craftsmanship" looks and feels like. The holster fits my pistol like a glove, I know that is a term that is used a lot, but here is true. No break in period at all, to say the least, I am very impressed. My experience with this purchase has won Craft Holsters my business, I will be purchasing more holsters and gear from them in the near future. In fact I am picking out a holster for my HK now. Reply
Excellent I was very impressed. Reply
John Baker
Fit my P226 Legion like a glove plus it is well made Reply
Mike V
I am very happy with the quality of the holster I ordered. While it took a bit longer than going to the local big box store, it was well worth the wait. I would highly recommend. Reply
Richard Ruediger
Fine craftsmanship. Well satisfied. As ordered. Fits firearm nicely. Delivery when promised. Reply
Terry Casbeer
This is a very well built holster that secures the gun well. Fit the gun perfectly. It does somewhat hinder the use of your left front pocket due to the location it is worn, but the holster is well made, and looks great. Very easy access to your pistol. Also the customer service is great, and they keep you informed on the status of your delivery. I had two of these made, and it really didn't take that long. Well worth the wait. Once shipped, it arrived in record speed. I was happily surprised how fast it was getting to me in the US. Reply
James Lewis
Great product came quickly. Fit weapon right out of box. Best cross draw ever had. Gets better every day. Reply
Jeffrey Green
Quality craftsmanship. Well worth the wait. Another satisfied customer. will return for more purchases! Reply
William wasyluk
Very nice Holster. hardly any print.well built and you can see the workmanship is there.It's the right one for me. Reply
Michael Raymond
Very happy with this cross draw holster. Gun fits snug and draws well, I'll be coming back to Craft Holsters for for my future leather needs. diffenatilly a five star ((: Reply
I bought this holster for a Grand Power P1Ultra. The holster is beautifully made but was made to fit the P1 not the Ultra. The Ultra has an oversize and extended Mag release . When I put the gun in the holster the Mag ejected. Not to worry . I just reversed the Mag release so that the oversize button was on the right side of the pistol. I plan on picking up a standard Mag release from Grand Power but for now I'm fine. I'm confined to a wheelchair and I find that the holster works best for me if I wear it OWB as an appendix carry. The gun conceals nicely under a T shirt and is very accessible.I have no idea how it would work out for someone who can stand but you may want to give it a try. Reply
Bruce Gatlin
First class holster would recommend this to all my friends. Reply
The holster is a perfect fit. Seems to be good quality. It is somewhat disappointing compared to the Vega holsters I have bought in the past. Time will tell Reply
Allan Cimino
The quality of the holster is good, the gun comes out easily, the only thing is the thumb break is so tight, that it's almost impossible to snack close,it takes some time pressing the gun into the holster to close snap, hoping that when the holster breaks in a little more,that it becomes easier, other then that nicely made. Reply
Terry Trainor
I am impressed! I tried everywhere to get a leather holster for my Taurus Raging Judge Magnum, and Craft is the ONLY one I found. The price was about half that of American made leather holsters, and I was a bit dubious about this - but had no alternative. In LESS TIME than an American custom holster manufacturer, the holster was here. The fit was exactly what it should be; very snug until broken in. The looks are quite good. So why four stars instead of five? Because the retaining strap exactly lines up with the hammer spur on the pistol, and no amount of working it would allow me to get it snapped. After working it for hours, I finally snapped it BELOW the spur, then mechanically pried the strap up onto the spur, where it is now resting. I am sure that, after a while, it will stretch enough using this technique. Reply
As usual your products are out standing...Quality - excellent. Thanks very much. Reply
Your Product is an outstanding piece of workmanship, proud to own and use. Excellent Holster. Thanks for being a company that is dependable. Reply
P. Seagle
I like this holster very much. It fits well under a tummy too big. I’ve always been an IWB @ 4 o’clock, but I find myself choosing your holster more of the time Reply
vernon parker
A great holster once you get the strap stretched. Reply
Thomas steglich
I love it Prefect fit well built. Very happy with it. Will be ordering more holsters in future. Thank you for your work Reply
M. Allen
This is an excellent value, and you get exactly what you pay for. It's a quality item that met every expectation I had and in some ways greatly exceeded them. I would highly recommend this holster to anyone looking for a cross draw configuration. Reply
The holster is well built. Fits is good. Reply
Michael Thompson
Thumb snap is awkward. After unsnapping the strap, I must raise the strap over the hammer to remove the pistol. Reply
this is a quality holster that fit my Kimber micro 9 percectly Reply
Purchased cross draw leather holster for M9A3. Weapon fits tight & carries Pistol well. Will purchase my next holster from these guys. Reply
Timothy C. Look
This holster is well made and well preserved on arrival. I found it necessary to remove some of the preservative oil and to shape the holster to the exact fit of the pistol by immersing it in warm water and allowing the holster to reshrink around the pistol. then a small application of Remington gun oil to the leather completed the process. It is a fast holster and has no hang-ups or problems. Falso/Craft has provided me with exactly what I wanted and I can readily recommend them to anyone who asks. Reply
Melvon Gooch
Quality holster and great workmanship. Perfect fit for my revolver. Cross draw allows easy access to revolver and comfortable to wear. Reply
Johnny Krewel
Good quality, reasonable price. If you are impatient then you will not like this company when it comes to a custom holster. Reply
Mark E
Excellent workmanship and fit. You need to inform customers that the delivery times will be extended due to international shipping. Overall, very pleased with product. Reply
Warren Cleek
Great cross draw holster. Like the fact gun cants more than any other cross draw holster. Well made. Only caveat, make sure you have correct belt size. If you have too much extra belt it can get in way of gun grip. I will be getting another of these. Reply
Michael Legris
The holster was extremly well made and fit my Glock perfectly.However it did'nt fit me well enough for me to carry concealed. Reply
Harvey Bernard
Nice holster,great workmanship takes along time for the order to be filled. Reply
Chris McCabe
Solid, well constructed of good material and delivered as per the stated time period. This company has a direct and refreshing communication with the customer. Excellent product. Reply
David Hayes
Excellent craftsmanship and I could not be any happier! Reply
Tracy Gorczyca
Fits like a glove, very comfortable to wear. Followed break in and it is perfect! Excellent work highly recommend this to all. Reply
John Primbs
Superb! Very high-quality leather and workmanship. Love it! I will be ordering another holster type soon. Thanks. Reply
Holster fit was amazing... well done guys!!! Reply
Jack Landrum
After looking for a Concealed Carry Leather holster for may months I came across CRAFT Holsters online. After reading all the reviews and looking at the many different Holsters in there online catalog I made my choice to a cross draw holster For my Beretta 92FS. This custom made holster for the Beretta came within the time promised. I love it, I'm so happy with the quality of craftsmanship, leather, stitching, the finish. I can highly recommend CRAFT Holsters to anyone looking for high quality holster. Reply
thomas s.
holster and mag pouch look nice,haven't got to use yet,pistol is in custom shop.will send review after had time to use them. Reply
Lance Hine
Fits my gun like a glove. It’s also very comfortable to wear. Thanks Reply
The width of the thumb strap is to wide. I had to cut it down to fit my revolver. This is the only con for the hostler. The fit is prefect. The suggestions on how to get the holster to fit your gun is perfect. I'm very pleased with the holster after making the wide adjustment. Reply
Robert B
Nice holster, not obtrusive like most cross draws. I thought is was meant to be used with the hammer open cocked. The strap was too tight to use with the hammer down [ un-cocked} I'm ok with it this way but they informed me it was not intended for that type of carry. No worries! Love the holster! Reply
I have personally bought many holsters kydex, leather and such, but the quality, the finish and the fit are exceptional. Craft holster are above any other leather holster I have purchased. One thing be patient about getting it. Exceptional quality! Reply
James R Johnson
I have had my holster for 3 weeks now. Great workmanship ,break in was easy,3days and it fit perfect. Would not think twice about buying another holster. Reply
Not much of an opinion yet. Only use it for the "big city". Very rural area here. Wyoming has less than a million people. My county is larger than RI and DE combined with room for a good share of VA on the side. My EDC is much smaller. (NAA mini-mag) The holster carries well and fits like a glove. Supposed to be for concealed carry but I want to show it off! Reply
David Powers
The gun fits like a glove and the craftsmanship is of excellent quality. Good job thanks ! Reply
I have several cross draw holsters that I have never been satisfied with because of the cant. I saw the holster from Craft and decided to order one, well it is exactly what I wanted I have had it for about a month now and am VERY happy with it. It is especially comfortable when sitting and the cant is just right. The only thing I know that over time leather will stretch so I wish they would make one in a molded material. The craftsmanship is excellent. Reply
Joseph Moyer
Excellent craftsmanship and a perfect fit for my Taurus Raging Judge. Reply
R P Kerstan
My first Cross Draw Holster. I carry and have used IWB, OWB and have to say... This Craft Cross Draw is the most comfortable and well made holster of all of them by far. Craft Holsters are reliable, well made and well worth the short wait required to fabricate a work of art. Go for it! You won't be disappointed Reply
Katherine Galloway
My husband ordered my holster as a surprise anniversary gift. It fits my Ruger perfect fits perfect in my hip I appreciate the fine craftmen ship will not hesitate to order another Love it Reply
I got this holster because I carry at all times and felt it would be safer and more comfortable than having my gun on my side or my back pocket. Great looking and fit. Reply
John B. Kelly III
Excellent everything. I couldn't be happier. Stout, fits perfectly, very American. Reply
James Ford
It's a leather holster - it's what you're looking for, right? High end quality, comfortable to wear, and nestles your gun just right - fits like a glove, right? Well, perhaps. Do not be afraid to get aggressive when breaking in the holster. I used denatured alcohol, probably too much. Read the tips Craft Holsters sends out in their newspaper (or online?) and be both patient & persistent. After being successful with breaking in this holster for my LCP II (significantly different than the LCP - ask me how I know), I went back and was able to "break in" a similar holster for my S&W MP40C and Colt 1911. I now have three useable holsters that were destined for that infamous "holster drawer" (actually, I use a box). Reply
Ronald Barnett
Very nice looking and high quality holster. Great fit to my firearm. works excellant for carrying while in a vehicle. high recommendation to anyone. Reply
Mark T
Great fit and high quality holster. Just what I was looking for! Reply
johnny the lizard
Got my holster a long time ago for my colt defender, using it several times a month. The best holster in my collection, cant say enough about the quality and fit, If you prefer cross draw , go for it! Reply
John Greco
The holster is very well made. In order to use it you must go through a break in period. Once you do, the holster can be used. It is extremely tight fitting but looks and works great after it stretches out. Reply
William Harrell
The holster is fine. I like it and it fits good, but the monogram that cost 9.95 was very disappointing. I thought I would be able to see it without using a magnifying glass. Reply
John Cervantes
I highly recommend this company. If you’re looking for outstanding craftsmanship and easy breaking in, look no further. I’m in the process of getting another order done for me. Technic and craftsmanship takes time,as you will find out when you place your order. Then when it arrives, you’ll see the waiting was well worth it. What are you waiting for? Reply
Fits like a glove! Couldn't be happier! Reply
David Forties
Excellent holster with superb workmanship. Reply
Richard Morrison
I appreciated the timely inputs regarding the status of my order. I have not had the opportunity to evaluate the holster. I did try my gun for installation/fit. The fit is very exact, probably on the tight side. I would guess with some use it will relax some. I think the workmanship is outstanding. Reply
Paul Jourdan
Outstanding craftsmanship ! Exacting fit and function. Useful packaging. Thanks ! Reply
The holster fits my gun perfectly! I am extremely happy with the purchase. The added attention of leather oil, shows the pride and attention Craft Holsters takes. Reply
Labouliere Rick
The holster of great quality and craftsmanship.. my only issue is that the inside portion of the strap, the snap protrudes too much and catches on the gun cylinder when drawing the pistol Reply
Form, fit and function as described. Could offer more fonts for monogram. Well made. Reply
Don Newman
Thoroughly professional friendly staff. Timely delivery. Perfect fit with zero modifications or break-in. Highest quality on the market. Popular outside the waist band T-shirts hide the rig very well. Don't tell anyone … but, its worth more than it costs. Reply
Sig 938; The cross draw was received very tight; double bag method remedied that. the snap required alcohol & extensive pressure to achieve snapping. I also ordered one for a glock 20: This allowed the handle to stick out quite a bit when holstered and worn on the belt. The 938 was acceptable. the quality of the workmanship is outstanding, and I would recommend the holster for smaller pistols only. Reply
Arnold E Dtevens
The holsters are of quality work. My weapons fit perfectly. Your suggestions for a final fitting worked nicely. Will be calling on you again and l have let friends know about you’r quality work. Reply
Arnold E Dtevens
The holsters are of quality work. My weapons fit perfectly. Your suggestions for a final fitting worked nicely. Will be calling on you again and l have let friends know about you’r quality work. Reply
Très beau travail réalisé par ces Artisans. La qualité est là ainsi que l'esthétique . Reply
Jeff Lenz
Quality all the way, so glad I went this way in my choice. Reply
Phillip Kinard
Excellent quality and I was very impressed with the fit for my S&W 327 since it is an 8 shot revolver and the oversized cylinder. Also the leather seemed pre-conditioned out of the box. Great holster Reply
This holster is the best for a cross-draw. With the back-strap to hold your gun securely, you don't need to worry about losing it during any movement you might encounter. The directions for fitting your gun after you receive your holster is great. No chemicals, no leather goop for oiling needed. after I did it the gun slides in and out easily. Reply
This holster is the best for a cross-draw. With the back-strap to hold your gun securely, you don't need to worry about losing it during any movement you might encounter. The directions for fitting your gun after you receive your holster is great. No chemicals, no leather goop for oiling needed. after I did it the gun slides in and out easily. Reply
Richard E. McGraw
This is my 3rd Craft holster, all cross-draw. They have all been excellent. I will always try Craft first on future purchases. Reply
Eddie Wright
Very good holster. Fair delivery....Holster broke in easily and is comfortable to wear......thanks. Reply
Still trying to stretch the holster with several plastic bags wrapped around the gun exceeding 4 days. I have not yet contacted Craft for advice other than what came with the gun. I like the leather work and the look of the holster but it takes two hands when wearing it (one to hold the holster and the other to try and drag the gun out of the holster or both hands on the gun once the holster moves to my belt buckle) and the snap on the right side catches the cylinder on pulling the gun which has already left a mark on the gun. I currently have the gun triple wrapped in plastic around the cylinder as that seems to be the point of resistance. Will keep working on stretching the leather and hope for the best. Reply
Stacy E. Hall
I think the holster will be great after I get it broken in. The snap is very difficult to open at this time, and strap pushes safety to off when fastening. I think that with care during the break-in process these things will work out. Ideally, if the holster had approximately ten to fifteen degrees more angle the strap and snap could be eliminated. It would, also, be quicker to unholster and wouldn’t press on vehicle seat as much. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to give my opinion. Reply
The holster is everything that it was advertised to be. It is very comfortable, although I’m still breaking it in. It wears great. Reply
David P.
I am so "stoked" over this purchase for a couple of reasons. First was the personal attention and customer service from a family owned business. The quality is remarkable. The leather has such a distinguished-appearance and the obvious detail in the hand stitched workmanship. The phone calls to follow up on the order (Customized-Initials) was appreciated. Great job, Guys!. Reply
David P.
I am so "stoked" over this purchase for a couple of reasons. First was the personal attention and customer service from a family owned business. The quality is remarkable. The leather has such a distinguished-appearance and the obvious detail in the hand stitched workmanship. The phone calls to follow up on the order (Customized-Initials) was appreciated. Great job, Guys!. Reply
I think once it gets used or broken in it will be very nice. I have only started using will have be worn a week or so. I gave four stars because the belt loops could a little wider. I find it very hard to get it on a thick gun belt. Reply
This is just what I was looking for. Main intent is for hunting and so far it is carrying my Ruger .44 Special just as advertised. Reply
It is one of the best holsters that I use for concealment. The product is very well made and I feel comfortable with having my revolver (SP101 2 1/4 inch) at my waist. I have tried other holsters for this firearm and the Craft holster in my opinion is what I needed to carry such a large heavy revolver. The holster secures the firearm excellent and it is easy to draw the firearm from the holster. I recommend this Craft holster for every day carry. Retired police officer and firearms instructor for over thirty years, Rich Reply
John Harris
Top quality, great fit and I absolutely love it. Very comfortable while driving. Reply
Paul Seagle
My second purchase of this holster. I loved it for my H & K 9mm and I find it just as comfortable for the larger Sig SP2022. The fit was a little tight, but worked out well in break-in. Very pleased with both. Reply
Arthur Schepf order #98950
I like the angle as it sits on my waist. Issue with the hold down strap. With the pistol jammed as deep as possible in the holster, the snap needs 1/4 inch more strap to engage. Maybe after break in, it will snap but is doubtful. Need to recheck your form. Reply
Arthur Schepf order #98950
Follow up. After break in, hold down strap works fine. If I am comfortable with how this style holster works for me, I will order another crossdraw for my Baretta M9A1. This holster is well worth the wait. Reply
Eric H
2nd holster I have bought from them. The cross draw is by far the most comfortable holster for EDC. Well worth the wait and money. Holster fits firearm like a glove Reply
I couldn't be happier with my new holster! After a very small amount of conditioning the fit for my Beretta PX-4 Storm was PERFECT! I got the mahogany leather and it is really beautiful as well. There is much to be said about old world skill and workmanship. Thank you! Reply
David Ward Jones
Excellent craftsmanship that produced an excellent holster. After an overnight break-in as directed it fit like a glove. Can't angle is perfect. As it turns out I am not a cross draw guy. I want to wear it at 9 0'clock which doesn't work. Has nothing to do with the holster, but me. The 11 O'clock position does not suit me even in the seated position. If you like a cross draw I highly recommend this holster Reply
Robert W
What a nicely made holster. Well worth the wait and money. Highly recommend this product. Reply
William L. Lloyd
1) this holster is well made and the materials are of good quality. 2) I could not seat the handgun in the holster anywhere near where it belongs as it came from the manufacturer. The fit was just too tight. 3) I soaked the holster in leather oil overnight, then put my handgun in a plastic bag and forced it into place successfully. 4) I plan to leave the handgun in the holster for several days, up to a week, before removing it. Then I will have a better idea as to fit and ease of use. 5) I believe shipping by "pony express" may be economical for the manufacturer, but, in my opinion it takes far, far too long in this day and time. Reply
Best fitting leather holster. Fits like a glove. Good button with reinforcing clip, great for one handed draws. Pretty fast delivery time considering it was made to order. I would highly recommend this holster very well made and attention to detail is obvious at first sight. Anyone who purchases this holster will be more than satisfied. Reply
Joseph Makowski
Finally, the wait was difficult because of the "porch pirates". So the extra packaging was worth it, package was dented and really scuffed on one corner. Holster was not damaged at all. Visually it was perfect, gun belt I have is new and the fit was very tight, gun fit is overly tight. Please tell what to do to loosen the leather. I really have to jam the gun into the holster and I can just about get the snap to lock in place. My only suggestion on your product is shoot the pony express and just offer UPS or FedEx. the wait for me was stressful. Please advise on the gun to holster fit at thx JA Reply
Phillip Klein
I finally received my holster yesterday afternoon and am anxious to press it into service after the break-in procedure. There is nothing like a leather holster as it fits the gun like hand and glove. It is also visually appealing that polymer or other materials that do not offer. This holster took 2 months from order date to delivery date. Reply
Michael Sniscak
The quality of the holster is superb. It is topnotch in everyway. The quality leather, the workmanship, the detailed custom fit are all features one appreciates and demands. The customer service exceeds expectations as they are both knowledgeable and personable. Sweet holster! Reply
Douglas Phillips
The quality of the leather, the craftsmanship is very good. It is not as comfortable as I had hoped for. Reply
This is another fine holster from Craft. I highly recommend this. This makes my second holster and first mag pouch and I'm highly pleased with all three pieces. Reply
Lee M Smith
This is a very fine holster, quality workmanship, good looks, and great performance. You can't ask for any thing more, I believe it will last a life time. Thanks to every one at CRAFT HOLSTERS. Reply
Robert L. Warren
Very pleased with this holster. Well made of top grain leather, it's custom it fit to my HK40 P30 is snug. It will age nicely! Reply
Ron Myers
Good product. Fair price. Advantage is availability from wide range of dated gun selections. Reply
Gary F.
excellent! Perfect Fit! Reply
Alan Nickelson
I liked the workmanship, the fit and finish is better than expected. It took longer than expected to arrive but there is very few places that has a hollister of this style much less for a fire arm that is not being produced. I plan to buy another unit from them. Good quality at a good price. Reply
Jonathan S
Just received my cross-draw holster for my S&W 929. It fits perfectly and is extremely well made. I highly recommend the company. Reply
Dan B
The quality is very good, leather and finish beautiful. The fit is good and I wrapped gun in plastic bag and holstered the gun. this stretches the leather enough for a snug fit and easy draw. I like the cross draw for driving, it is out of way of seatbelt (I am right handed) Reply
High quality holster. Takes a while to break in the belt loops to get it comfortable but once it is you hardly know its on you. Fine quality workmanship. Something for the company can be proud of. I definatly will buy from CraftHolsters again. Have you ever checked your belt to see if you have your pistol on you? You will if you buy their cross draw holster. Nice work. Thanks guys! Reply
Bob Jones
I purchased a holster for my Springfield 45. It is a quality product but it is taking forever to break in. I have done the plastic bag trick as well as pulling the safety strap on a regular basis. I love the looks of it and I'm sure it should work fine after I finally get it broken in. Reply
Stephen Harding
I found the holster to be a little hard to break in but once you get it broken in it is a great holster and comfortable to wear. The extra magazine pouch works great also. Would recommend this company for a great product and great customer service. They take the time to get all of your information and their girls that answer your call are very knowledgeable and very professional. Steve Harding Reply
I searched many possible options for a high quality crossdraw. I carry non-domestic models so my options were limited. But I found Craft Holsters in Slovakia and they were able to correctly fit one of my Walther models. I ordered, waited and my leather crossdraw arrived. Top quality leatherwork, correct fit, correct cant, correct molded leather. VERY comfortable, VERY concealable. Tired of the cookie cutter Nylon that fit a variety of models. Those are just sloppy! This custom crossdraw is what I needed. Costs a little more than a nylon assembly-line unit but well worth it. I use it daily for CC and am very pleased with it. Reply
Larry Behner
A great alternative Holster, comfortable and quick access to your weapon when you are driving /seated. Vary well made. Reply
wes williams
after having shoulder surgery I was unable to draw from a hip holster on my strong side even with a 3 inch barrel, so I was using my right hand holster on my left side it was ok, but just ok, then I found Craft Holsters and they had what I thought I wanted, a cross draw leather holster, so I took the plunge sent them my hard earned money and waited and waited, in all fairness they tell you up front it will take several weeks. Well it was worth the wait the actual holster looks a lot better than the photos, and fits the pistol like a glove, I could not be happier with it. when I need another holster I will definitely be looking to Craft Holsters. Reply
Very well made quality holster! Reply
David Schiavone
Very good quality holster worked out great. Very short break in time. Will definitely order another one. Just wish it wouldn't take so long to get it. I understand their handcrafted so with that in mind no real complaints. Reply
Great holster, very well made and should last for years. Highly rate Craft Holsters. Reply
Larry E Drake
Very well made. Excellent craftsmanship. Reply
Doug Edwads
This is a great holster. I got it for my S&W 9 mm Shield. The gun fits perfectly, looks tremendous, but...…… just a little too large for my taste in the crossdraw position It truly is a work of art. The mistake was mine...….. perhaps I should have considered the behind the back holster. I did have a minor problem with the strap, but followed staff's directions and fixed the problem. Anyone considering a holster from these folks won't be disappointed...…… just be patient. Reply
Comfortable, gun fits great, and high quality leather. very satisfied Reply
Barry king
Very nice cross draw holster Reply
Outstanding quality, service and delivery. Great craftsmanship. Reply
Tina Qualls
Very pleased with item.The holster was of high quality and the gun fit perfect. Reply
W. Lincourt
Quality leather holster. Fits well and I expect it to last a long time. Reply
Michael Nash
Very nice, fits the gun a Sig 365 well. The holster positions the gun perfectly. I like the fact it is not trapped on my side while I am driving and it conceals the gun perfectly. The holster is well built and stitching is strong. The cross draw is smooth. Reply
It took a little while to get my holster, but it was well worth it. The initial fitting was a little tough. It took some extra effort to get it snapped. After a couple of days with the pistol holstered, removing & re-inserting is easy. The cross-draw is very comfortable to wear, especially while sitting. Reply
Quality. Great retention and superior materials. Would recommend this company if you want a quality holster for a good price. Reply
Gary Stieduhar
Holster was of good quality. Definitely could have been more generous with the leather on thumb break. Took several days to stretch it to fit my model 69. Now it’s workable Reply
Great holster. Well made & fits like it should. Reply
what I wanted Reply
Fit my Kimber perfectly! They take their time and do it right. Good work guys! Reply
Bill from Traverse City, MI USA
Just received my third Craft Cross Draw Holster. Craft has created one for my Smith Body Guard, my Kimber Micro Nine and my Ruger SP101. Cross Draw is not a common holster. When I discovered Craft, I went with them because they promised a good product at a fair price. Craft did not disappoint. In fact, I feel I got a great product and a really good price. I don't have any new pistol plans in the works right now. But there is no doubt that when I go shopping again, Craft will be my 2nd stop. Reply
Very nice. Looks and feel are top notch. I do need a better fitting belt but from set I have now, it functions crazy smooth, easy use with thumb release... slides in out nicely. Fits so nice it has a slight pop sound when the cz75 sp01 tact. Gets put back in the garage.... front of gun does not protrude past leather........which is what I like. When exploring other holsters for various duties, this will be stop numero uno .... Reply
Took a long time to get it, but once it arrived, I must say the quality appears to be very good. The forming, stitching and coloration are very nice. Fits my CZ 75 Compact just right. Having my initials on it make it extra special, as I can't lose it by someone mistakenly picking it up. Only years of use will ultimately determine whether this was $100 well spent, but based on what I'm looking at, I think it will outlive me..... If you're not in a hurry, this is a good buy for sure. Reply
Al Jones
This is my third cross draw holster from Craft. All three are monogrammed and of a very high quality leather and workmanship. The guns fit nicely, not too tight nor loosely (Taurus Judge, SA XDS, HK VP9). I had the belt sizing made for two inch belts as I sometimes wear heavy duty gear. These take about six to eight weeks to get so don't expect to get them in a few days. But hey, why rush quality. Reply
Larry Huggins
I am very pleased with the holster. It was everything I expected. Fit an finish were excellent. I guess it takes awhile to create a quality product so be patient. Reply
Tupper's Guns & Firearm Repair
Lead time on a non stock item was longer than I was told & there was an extra charge on my credit card of just a few dollars but it was credited back quickly when I questioned them about it. Quality was A++ fit was very good too. I would use again but only on in stock ready to ship items Reply
This is a fine holster! Professionally made and finished. Well worth the price and wait time. It was a VERY tight fit when I first got it, but the plastic bag trick worked. I have found that to draw smoothly, the holster needs to be held in place by a belt loop, either in the left side belt cutout or the right side one. I also found that the bottom front of the trigger guard catches on the edge of the leather when re-holstering, so I trimmed a little of the thickness of the edge of the leather to stop this. The retention strap thumb release is too small and flexible for a fast draw. Perhaps an extension of the metal to cover the whole end of the release would make it stiffer and more reliable. (I just wish I had thought of making that modification myself before I cut off the retention straps!) Regardless, my first draw to firing position was less than a second, and I am sure that will improve with practice. I appreciate you leaving the muzzle end of the holster open to accommodate the extended barrel of my handgun. I will be looking to order another holster soon. Regards Reply
Great quality leather and workmanship. The gun fits nicely. I will keep the website in my favorites to consider for future purchases. Reply
Gary P
Great holster! Love the cross draw. Much more comfortable and accessible when sitting. Craftsmanship is very nice , fit my M&P Shield perfectly. The retention strap was about 5/8" short of snapping, but was told by customer service to put denatured alcohol on the strap and it will stretch. Couldn't believe it would stretch that far, but it did. Now it's perfect . Thanks! GP Reply
John M Browning
Great custom made holster. Only place I found to get a left handed cross draw for my SA EMP 9MM. Almost no break in required but will require significant practice to get proficient with the body side strap snap. Reply
Douglas Blechinger
Very well made. Fits the gun perfectly. Since they are made to order it takes awhile for the holster to ship. Well worth the wait. Reply
Louie D
A little disappointed , I thought it was made in America ? , back half is smooth raw , front piece is raw on back side also , I've seen others they line both sides " Andrews " , next time I will order " made in America " from Andrews , probably more money but a better quality . This one fits well and appears to be quality leather , we shall see over time Reply
Mitchell Gammill
This is my third holster from Falcon and like the others, the leather is top quality and the fit for the pistol is perfect. A little tight when I got it, but slipped the handgun in the holster and left it overnight and the next day it was easy to draw. This is not a complaint. After all, the holster is custom made. It takes a couple months to get the holster, but you can’t go to a gun store and buy it off the shelf. Customer service is great! They have answered every email within a few hours. Very satisfied and will order another holster when I get my hands on a new WALTHER PPQ5 PRO MATCH SF. Reply
D. H.
Took a little longer than expected for delivery, otherwise very nice produce. Reply
Tony Polichetti
Well made holster, only problem, I have tried the plastic bag routine to stretch the leather, and a few other tricks I have learned over the years, and my 42 Glock, still cannot be removed without a fight. A little disappointed in the fit, very hard to work. Reply
Brian Spaulding
My S&W 686 revolver fits my new holster very well. I am impressed with how well it is made and how nice it looks. It is well worth the “Pony Express” wait! Now to see how it holds up. I suspect it will perform just fine. Reply
Tom Murray
The cross draw holster is well made and my Sig p238 fits in it perfectly. But it has one small flaw. Almost every time I sit or bend, the retention strap disengages my safety. Reply
Lee Traister
Excellent, gun fitting instructions worked Perfectly. Snap works well and gun draw works smooth. Very Pleased!! Reply
Jim Griffin
I have purchased 4 different model 131 holsters . I carry one of them daily . Since I wear Bib- overalls it is very concealable . I have a left and right hand for a S&W model 69 , a Right hand for a Makarov and a right hand for a Beretta 96 A 40 cal. . To this day no one has noticed that O am packing. ( yes I do have a concealed Weapons permit. . The team at Craft Holsters is to be commended. They kept me informed on each and every purchase . The way they fit and access is great I recommend if you need a reliable holster contact Craft Hostlers. Reply
This holster is everything I expected Reply
The holster is exactly what I needed. The quality and fit are great. Reply
Norman Messner
I am quite satisfied with holster so far! Only problem is I have to have gun cocked to use snap Reply
Mike Briggs
The quality of the holster was very good although I could not use it because it caused the magazine to release unexpectedly. It was impossible to talk with anyone who knew anything about the holster to see if it could be fixed or I could work around it somehow. It was difficult talking with the help desk person. I guess the support and product people are all in Slovakia. Reply
Love it, very secure comfortable Reply
Kyle Gilchrist
No issues whatsoever. 100% satisfied for quality and fitment Reply

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