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Magazine Holsters

Magazine carry reflects the main purpose of this carry style and it is carrying the shooter’s magazine or ammunition separately from the weapon. One of the reasons might be that shooter needs to carry more extra magazines or in case of emergency, the shooter prefers to carry them separately with and easy and fast access. There are number of different types of magazines available including extended magazines (in case of semi-automatics), double speedloaders (revolvers) or just simple ammunition that shooters needs to carry various carry styles and shooters want to have more options similar to gun carry.

Magazine or ammo pouches are designed similarly to gun holsters and they share several features in common. There are generic pouches and custom made items available. Some of them feature a covering flap, retention strap or retention screws for more stable and tight fit carry. Just like with gun holsters, magazine holders use the same materials including the leather, nylon, polymer and Kydex. The mag holsters are designed for a hidden carry and for an open carry often used by the uniformed professionals or in the shooting range. The magazine pouches are made to carry one or more magazines. They are offered with different orientations including vertical, horizontal style of carry but in general, the vertical style of carry is the most used style. The mag pouch should be comfortable enough to wear daily, to be easily accessible and stable regarding the adequate tension of the magazine needed.

Magazine Holsters Magazine Holsters Magazine Holsters

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