Concealed Carry Nylon Holster Code: It. 433/4

Concealed Carry Nylon Holster Code: It. 433/4

Concealed Carry Nylon Holster
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1 O'clock Carry Position
1 O'clock Carry Position
Layered Functional Nylon
Layered Functional Nylon
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

This nylon IWB holster offers an extended wearing comfort, quick removal possibility and deep concealment. It is made of a uniquely structured nylon material that offers extra air flow and comfort needed for everyday use. Product is perfect for the use in hot and humid environment. Steel clip enables easy & fast reholstering.

All The Details

The holster is designed for concealed gun carry. It is made of structured nylon material supplemented with a mesh, which provides airiness for comfortable everyday carry. The holster features a steel belt clip. Effective design of the holster enables snug fit and prevents the direct contact of the gun with the body. Designed for a quick draw and comfortable carry. The holster can be easily removed without taking the belt off. Entire barrel is covered with open muzzle design. It is available in right or left-handed design. The holster is designed to fit a 1.5 inch belt, if you need a holster for a different belt size, please specify it in order detail.

  • Entire barrel is covered, open muzzle design

  • IWB carry

  • Steel belt clip

  • 3D breathable material (Airy mesh)

  • Available in black or mahogany leather

  • Available in left and right-handed design

  • 5 year limited warranty

  • Produced by Falco Holsters

Customer reviews

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Very well made holster. The spring was too tight for my personal use but overall a very nice holster. Reply
Just perfect. Reply
The holster is very comfortable. The clip is a bit hard to use. I still think it is a great holster and am ordering another for a different handgun. Reply
Kelly M
I love this holster! I will be ordering from these guys again. Reply
Good holster. Clip is really tough to work with until it breaks in. Since there is no retention, you have to be careful when active (especially bending over [forward] as the firearm CAN fall out! Reply
J Bonilla
Very well crafted iwb holster, certainly recommend Reply
Great product. Fits like a glove. I use it every day. Reply
Perfect quality. It fits my gun and very light weight. Also perfect customer service. Reply
Gary Sternemann
My holster made by Craft Holsters is a top notch product. I am extremely satisfied with the holster and it is made perfectly for my weapon. However, as far as communication goes, Craft Holsters needs some improvement. While I understand making this product does take time, but it is my suggestion that once a week or every other week an e-mail should go out to your customers to inform them the status of their order. As it was with my order I had to start the communication, then learning from my review of your site "your holster is in production." I will further add that once the product is shipped, make a direct hyperlink to the shipping company so the customer can easily track where the product is while en route. All of this being said, would I purchase another holster from Craft Holster? Without a moment of hesitation. The product is excellent! Reply
John Burton
Great product! Exactly what I expected and it works. Reply
Imo ,I think a thin piece of leather needs to be on the inside of the holster,just on the side that contacts the body,that would be perfect,just to make it more comfortable.. Reply
Steven Campbell
Great gun fit. Holster well made Reply
Holster holds my walther ccp great. Clip is designed to hold your belt/waistband tight and it does. A little pain to take on and off, but once it's on its not going anywhere. Overall I think it's a very well built and comfortable holster. I give it 4 stars. Reply
Harry Locklear
very nice and comfortable. would buy again Reply
EXTREMELY well made and an excellent fit for the weapon. I would add that the holster retains most of its shape/form and dimension even though empty. completely happy with the product as well as the workmanship and will both order again from the good folks at CRAFT as well as recommend them to others. Reply
It takes a while to get your order, but their Made To Order in Slovakia which takes time to get to U.S.A. I ordered a nylon holster and the quality was excellent. I have now ordered a leather holster for another pistol which is being made now. They keep you posted on the progress of your order. I would recommend to a friend. Reply
frank gutierrez
couldn't find any other maker that offered an inside waistband holster for my N frame snubbie but you custom made one for me and works great. Thank you Reply
Donald Owens
The first holster I got was to big for my gun. Replacement is better but not as good as it should be. Biggest problem is holster made by Falco and according to their website they don't make a holster for my pistol. So how can Craft sell one that is when they don't make it? Reply
Dennis Tanner
Great product, high quality and a perfect fit. Reply
Dennis Schronce
Very impressive good quality holster at a good price Reply
Conrad Hartman
This holster works for me! Reply
Jerry Ashley
Very well made holster, sewing is strong and will hold up. Steel clip is very strong and will need some break in time, it does hold very tightly to belt. Over all a great product. Thank you. Reply
great holster for price my pistol slides in and out easily would recommend to others. Reply
John Baker
The Walther CCP Holster from Craft Holster is an excellent holster for inside the waist band carry. I carry "in front" toward my right side. The holster is comfortable while seated and while driving long distances. The top holster "extension pad" prevents the slide from contacting the shooter while seated or drawing the weapon. The workmanship is first class as is the material of construction. The material has a "soft feel" unlike Kydex. The draw is very smooth after a little break-in period. I recommend this holster for all Walther CCP users. Reply
Robert Geisen
Great IWB holster for a S&W Model 66 (2.75" barrel). Holds the weapon nice and tight against the body. Material has good feel. I think this will be really good in the summer...hope the materials hold up because it's very comfortable. Reply
David B
Really impressed with the nylon holster. So comfortable easy to draw and easy to holster. It doesnt completely collapse when you draw. Fits my px4 compact and my cougar 8000 perfectly even though theres a 3/4" difference in barrel length. Well guys this is the 3rd holster I've gotten from you. The other 2 are leather paddle holsters that are beautifully hand made leather that fit perfectly. Keep up the good work. Reply
Art Drummond
I got this Craft Holster Nylon on March 8. It took a while but I was kept updated on the progress several times so I know I wan't forgotten. I wanted to try it out for a while before reviewing. I've been using it almost daily with my regular carry gun, a CZ Rami. It also fits 2 other occasional guns I carry, my wife's SIG P239 and a Bersa Thunder 380CC (although the Bersa usually goes in a pocket holster) I have been conceal carrying for a year and a half. First let me say this is the most comfortable holsterI have used. I have been searching for an IWB Appeendix carry that works for me and this does it very well. I am hardly aware of it. The steel belt clip is VERY tight and holds my gun close in to my body for great concealment. It is the perfect height and allows quick drawing. The holster completely covers the trigger guard on all my carry guns and some that I have but don't carry. Even though it is a "universal" fit and has no retention strap, my guns stay snug in place throughout normal daily activity. Only 2 minor negatives make for 4 star(I would do 4 1/2 stars if I could): first I began to notice a silvery residue around the trigger guard after a week of carrying my Rami- at first it like the finish was being worn off but it is something that easily wipes off. I don't see any evidence of material on the holster wearing off. I haven't seen this on the SIG. Not a big deal though. The other minor issue was this, being a soft holster which makes it so comfortable also allows it to crumple up a bit when worn constantly over several days. This could make re-holtering s little harder but still possible. Again this is easily remedied by pushing my gun tight into the holster and letting it sit in the holster but off my pants which restores the shape. I doubt there is any remedy if you want a truly "soft " holster in that tender appendix position. I've tried Kydex and can only tolerate those in 3;30 position - they just dig in too much up front. I do have another holster I sometimes use that is soft neoprene against my skin and Kydex shell that is a close second in comfort for some clothing situations but it is larger and felt a little bit more. I would say that if you want to not have an excuse for not carrying IWB Appendix because of comfort - you can't go wrong with this Craft Nylon holster. Reply
William Galloway
It was exactly what I wanted. Comfortable and fits nicely. Bill Reply
Ron Leftwich
These are the Best Holsters EVER!! That’s all I carry. I have six of them the Best! Highly RECOMMEND. Thank you all Reply
Richard Dilorenzo
Excellent quality and fit! Reply
Ray Hesser
Great product. Everything was exactly as advertised. Reply
Richard E. Van Skoik
The holster is a 5 star I like the holster will look in to the future on other products thanks . Reply
Rory Laughlin
The holster is so much better in person. Very high quality very lightweight very durable could belt clip Reply
Very nice holster. Great fit to the gun. Well made. Reply
James Mucka
My gun fits like it was born in it sounds stupid but it fits great my two other holster s don’t even come close almost forget your carrying it it’s that comfortable great job Reply
Dennis Kibbey
Bought four different holsters and they were of all excellent quality and the fit was perfect. The soft interior of these holsters will alleviate wear on my firearms. Will buy from them again! Reply
Great well made holster that fits like a glove. First order was made wrong but quickly remedied with fast replacement. Highly recommended. Reply
James Petropoulos
Great product . Reply
Very well made. Reply
Had trouble finding a holster for my smith and Wesson 629 3inch plus this was the only website that custom built it great holster took a bit of time to get it but this works for me. Reply
Buy the more expensive IWB holster (Blue Nylon). Not bad for semi autos but a poor fit for J frame S&W. revolvers. If it had the same cut as the more expensive model offered it would be serviceable. I cannot recommend for the cost. Reply
Cameron Smith
Fits perfect for a S&W model 69. Comfortable and the belt clip works on my 1 3/4 just fine. Thanks for a great product! Canadian customers beware that there is duty due on the purchase that is over and above the cart price. Reply
Amazing fit. Definitely worth the long wait to get it, about 5 and a half weeks, but 100% worth the wait. Light, flexible, and low profile. It is easy to adjust when I'm sitting down. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a well made and comfortable holster. Reply
Jeff Tripician
Exactly what I ordered. Metal belt clip is very stiff/too stiff. Reply
Ken Van Sky
I love it. I've been carrying a .45 concealed for the past forty years in a suede holster. It wore out and I decided to try the nylon holster. It's extremely comfortable and conceals well. I plan on ordering one for my S+W model 60 3", soon. Reply
Chris B
Works great!!! Reply
Thank you for the great job on the holster. Lite weight and best fit ever. I've tried so many holsters over so many years from leather Galco's on down. The search it over, you're the guys. All the best. Reply
The holster was great quality I ordered him as a gift he love them would definitely order more takes a while so order early Reply
Steve Oakley
It fits my CZ like a glove. Unobtrusive and draws nice. Reply
Lawrence Boccardi
Perfect fit. Delivered when promised. Not available anywhere else. Reply
Tengku Azman
Very well fitted and very food workmanship I would order more Reply
Garry Lippert
The holster fits the gun like a glove, also it is very comfortable. I would highly recommend this holster. Reply

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