Comfortable Leather Belt Holster Code: It. 34

Comfortable Leather Belt Holster Code: It. 34

Comfortable Leather Belt Holster
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On Stock
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4 O'clock Carry Position
4 O'clock Carry Position
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

This leather holster represents one of our most comfortable belt holster. It's suitable for an everyday use and comfy carry. A flat profile of the holster together with widely spaced belt slots allow you an easy concealment and close ride to the body. A steel-reinforced thumb break in addition gives you a quick draw possibility and adequate security.

All The Details

This belt holster represents one of our most comfortable leather belt holsters, suitable for everyday carry. The holster is wet molded directly on the gun replica to get the perfect holster fit. It features widely spaced belt slots, which enable closer ride of the handgun to the body for both comfort and easier concealment. The holster contains a steel-reinforced thumb break to provide an additional security of the gun and quick draw. It is available in right and left-handed design and in black and brown color.The holster is designed for a 1.5'' belt. If you wish to have it made for a different belt size please specify it in the details.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

  • Entire barrel is covered, open muzzle design

  • OWB, the most comfortable carry

  • Available in black or mahogany leather

  • Hand molded leather

  • Two belt slots for perfect stability

  • Steel-reinforced thumb break

  • Lacquered leather finish

  • Available in left and right-handed design

  • 5 year limited warranty

Customer reviews

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Well done. Reply
Tom Sturtevant
The holster I received was of excellent quality, fit and finish. I highly recommend Craft Holsters or their thumb break, 2 belt slot holsters. I would definitely buy from them again. Thanks Reply
This is my third holster of this type. The first one I bought in black did not have the retention strap, but the holster fit my handgun well and has held up extremely well for daily open carry. Decided to buy a brown one with the retention strap. Very well made and tough. Looks good with my suit on. I liked the brown one so much I decided to buy another one with the retention strap in black. I now have three and am proud of all three. They shine up nice like a quality pair of Cowboy boots and retain my S&W 40 with crimson trace laser. I will be buying another for my son for his 1911 for a great birthday present. Great holster for the price. Reply
Joe Scarinci
It's a great fit for my cz75 d compact . The quality of work is fantastic I will be telling my friends about a great product that you have Thank you PS your customer service is fantastic also Reply
Custom fit to my gun, very well made and worth the $$. I would absolutely buy again Reply
Coleman joshlin jr.
Beautiful made. Thank you Reply
My husband wanted this holster, so I ordered it for him. Him paying of course. Neither one of us noticing where it was coming from until it was taking too long. All I can say it was well worth the wait. It is beautifully made. The quality is beyond compare. Looking forward to our next purchase. Reply
Leroy Denny
Well worth the wait. Fits perfectly after a short break in period. Very happy with the holster Reply
Stuart N. Fralick
I purchased a leather holster for my Ruger SR9. Following the instructions included with the holster, I broke the holster in. It fits perfectly and the construction quality is very good. When I am in the market for another holster I will purchase one from the same source. Reply
Ralph Wilfong
Well made and attractive. A bit tight and difficult to break in. Reply
Dan N.
Very satisfied with my new holster from Craft Holsters. I received it yesterday and it fits my pistol like hand in glove. Retention strap works positively and releases quick & easy. But here are the two most important things to me: 1: The pistol doesn't hang up in the holster i.e. it draws fast & smooth without tugging the holster & belt with it. 2: The holster rides just where I like it and it stays snug to my body and does not flop around making an obvious print through my clothing. All that and it's light weight and tough. Great holster, y'all! Reply
high quality leather..great sewing. VERY STIFF at first... I rubbed it in with Mink oil.. put the pistol in a freezer bag and into the holster for 1 week. The snap doesn't snap for 10 days...then it does.. now it is perfect... for my RUGER L.C.9s pro.. good job... only wish delivery time as faster...... Reply
Jeff Hayden
This is my second hand custom premium leather holster these are the best holsters I have ever bought. Small price for 1st class quality work. Craft Holsters kept in touch with me throughout this order. Again I'm a very happy customer Reply
Joe Krupa
The Craft holster was worth the wait. The difference is the weight of the leather, thin yet very firm. the weapon fit into it like a glove and no break in was required. The quality was 5 star and the comfort was what i was looking for. The price was very reasonable and i would recommend Craft to anyone looking for value and craftsmanship in a holster. Reply
Very nicely made high quality product for a fair price! Reply
Bobby Watkins
Love my holster for my 380 may order one for my 9mm great workmanship Reply
Ion B
Both holster and mag pouches met all the quality and craftsmanship I was looking for, So much so I've ordered another holster and mag pouches for My CZ 75. Thanks Reply
Vicki Hendrix
The craftsmanship is wonderful, I really like the holster. I like how it carries on my belt and side. My weapon fits nicely into the holster. My only problem is the quick realease strap doesnot fit around the hammer. I am attempting to stretch the leather so that it go around it. Any suggestions? Reply
Harry Combs
Well made and good body to holster fit. Slight stiffness with the gun fit but that's all about a new holster. I have nothing negative to say about it! I will say it's better than off the shelf store quality! Reply
Great leather holster. Thank you Reply
John Schroeder
Holster was very well made. Only problem was that the retension strap was not made to accomadate the pistol when in the decocked position Reply
Tim Skipper
In regards to the holster I bought, it fits perfectly to my firearm. Reply
Syarif Harhara
The detail of product is very good. and the quality is very good also Reply
Dave A
Other than my CZ this has been my best investment. The fit and finish is nothing but outstanding! The fit was very good, but the plastic bag over the gun in the holster for two days made it perfect. I highly recommend this quality product. Reply
fit my cz 75 compact great (after a little break in ) quality leather, good value, craft holster,s will not be disappointed. Reply
Carlos hernandez
Excellent holster for my hk vp40 , excellent fit , not to hard to break in . Thanks for the updates time to time , kept us relax during waiting period . Thanks good work !!! Reply
Michael Holehouse
I have 3 holsters from Craft Holsters. Although it does take time to receive the holster once it is ordered, and it can take 6 weeks, it is very worth the wait. The holsters are well made, fit the gun very well, and look great. I did have to call their customer service on a holster I had done for my CZ. And it was my fault not for theirs. I carry my CZ 75 Compact in the "cocked and locked" position and the holster was made for this gun with the hammer full down and not cocked. They were very helpful and directed me quickly to a holster specialist who was able to help me immediately. I will be ordering more from Craft Holsters for my own needs, and would certainly recommend them to others. My holsters do sit on my hip and not in a drawer which is always a good indicator. Reply
Greg Holt
Very well made and is comparable to holders that cost much more. Reply
Rose Lichty
I bought this for my hubby for his birthday. It's perfect. I got his initials in it and he LOVES it! Thank you! Reply
Very well crafted holster. Reply
This holster is well made and my pistol goes in and out very well. My only complaint is the muzzle end is open and from the picture posted on your site, it appeared the muzzle end was closed. Other than that, I am well pleased with the fit and finish of this holster. Reply
Larry Owens
Very nice holster, comfortable & its unique design fits the gun. I would give this holster a 5Star Rating. Reply
Miguel anaya
Iam satisfaces . Its a exelent made and exactly fir my gun styer. Thanks Reply
Thin leather holsters,adds to its comfort ,fits my cz 97 b 45, also works for my cz sp01 75 9 mm,ordered leather mag carrier for the 45 if the snaps were to open the mags would fall out Reply
Rich Flo
Thanks for my Holster. I ordered a left handed one and it arrived in under 3 weeks. I was notified promptly. It didn't take forever to get like my first Holster. Thanks for the nice product and the efficiency. Also, is there a way to get another copy of the newspaper, " The Holster Times", that can with my product? The copy I received was stained with the excess oil that was on the new Holder. Thanks! Sincerely, Rich Reply
Gary Visco
You can't yet find too many quality leather holsters for the XDe. This holster from Craft fit the gun and me perfectly. No break in necessary, and a joy to wear. Reply
john mende
ordered for p238. does not permit condition 1 code carry. open holster may let pistol out. need to develop an OWB close flap holster, like the old military for the 45, to have a way to carry the p238 in CC1. overall construction of holster received is great. Reply
I've worn this holster almost every day since I received it. Very well built and rides well on my belt. Sure draw and re-holster. Great price, fast turn around! Buy with confidence!!!! I'm looking for my 2nd one now. Reply
Nice tight fit. Had mine customized and turned out great. Reply
Mike Day
Great Holster so far! Excited to see how it wears and holds up over time. Fits my XDM 40 perfectly! Reply
Beverly Buckalew
Wonderful fitting holster! Was just a bit tight at first, but using some layers of waxed paper got it fitting perfect in no time. I am very pleased with this holster. Reply
Don Wilson
I ordered this holster and web site said it was in stock so I paid extra for 4 day shipping. Later called company and learned they had to make it so it would be 4 to 6 weeks. They refunded my shipping charge and were very easy to work with. Holster was a perfect fit for my FN 9c compact ( other major companies did not have a holster for that pistol) It broke it very easy and I LOVE IT ! It is a quality holster for a reasonable price that will last long after I'm gone. Highly recommend this company and their products. This is from a retired cop who has gone through a lot of CC holsters. Best one yet - others have taken forever to break in and get used to, but not this one... Reply
Excelllent material and craftsmanship. Fit like a glove. Would definitely recommend. Reply
So when I got the holster I found it to be very tight for the gun. Reading the instructions on the package it said it would be a little tight , so massaged it according to the package and was still to tight to get tha snap closed and when trying to reholster the gun the holster was collapsed making it almost impossible to get it back in Reply
The pistol that we needed a holster for is a more uncommon model. From Midway to High Noon Holsters, we couldn't find one. Ran across Craft Holsters in an online search. Wasn't sure what we were getting into. Seemed like Craft has an address in California but no stock. The language is a little funny... When the order was placed the credit card company blocked the transaction because it hadn't been primed for Ireland... Then eventually the holster shipped from another European Union country... It took about a month, which was no problem. The holster that arrived is very nice, as advertised, fits the pistol well and all is good as we walk off into the beautiful sunset. Reply
Quality built. It is still breaking in but doing so nicely. Will be back when I purchase my next firearm Reply

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