Closed Muzzle Leather Belt Holster Code: It. 34/1

Closed Muzzle Leather Belt Holster Code: It. 34/1

Closed Muzzle Leather Belt Holster
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On Stock
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4 O'clock Carry Position
4 O'clock Carry Position
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

Ideal concealed carry option for a daily use. Flat profile of the holster, together with widely spaced belt loops allow a comfortable carry and easy concealment. A steel-reinforced thumb break feature gives you quick draw possibility and a closed muzzle will keep your gun "cleaner".

All The Details

The belt holster features two belt slots, enabling a closer ride to the body for comfort carry and easier concealment, a steel-reinforced thumb break and a closed muzzle. It's designed for a 1.5'' belt. If you wish to have it made for a different belt size please specify it in the details.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

  • OWB, the most comfortable carry

  • Available in black or brown leather

  • Entire barrel is covered

  • Closed muzzle design

  • Hand molded leather with lacquered leather finish

  • Two belt slots for perfect stability

  • Steel-reinforced thumb break

  • Available in left and right-handed design

  • 5 year limited warranty

  • Produced by Falco Holsters

Customer reviews

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Bruce Smith
Well made, broke in nicely and worth the wait. I needed the covered muzzle and thumb break for working as a Land Surveyor in the brush. Don't want my snake gun getting away from me when I go over barbed wire fences and crawl through the brush. Highly recommended! Reply
Very very very stiff. Thought I was going to tear off the snap closure before I could get it snapped. Did I mention how stiff it was? Spent two days working the leather by hand and jamming the pistol into he holster before I could get it closed. Excellent workmanship and really heavy duty. Should last a lifetime. By the way, it was really stiff. Reply
great holster!! perfect fit when received. very happy with the craftsmanship. Reply
Rocque Lopez
By far the most comfortable holster I have ever worn. The craftsmanship is second to none, the design of the holster keeps the weapon close to your body and does not move around while holstered. Though the manufacturing of each holster takes a few weeks it is most definitely worth the wait. Reply
Alexey Kozaev
Very good quality and craftsmanship. Glad to have one! Reply
Jerry Rogers
This holster is by far the best holster I've ever bought. My Kimber 9mm fits in it perfect, after breaking it in, over night. I would advise anyone looking for a great holster for a great price, to buy one. The wait is worth it and it is very comfortable on the hip. The closed muzzle keeps all foreign matter out of the barrel, which is a plus when walking through thick grass and weeds, or climbing through barbed wire fences. The snap also keeps the gun tight in the holster and will still allow you to unsnap it, if needed. I can't say enough about it. Buy one and see what I mean. Reply
Dean Corcoran
Both holsters are a perfect fit (Glock 19 & Glock 43) Craftsmanship is outstanding and will use you again. Was well worth the wait. Reply
Beautiful, well made. Reply
Great Reply
Tournaire Eric
Perfect! Reply
Very good quality.I was happy it was very happy with my purchase. Customer service was outstanding. Reply
Cary Scott
Nicely made and appears to be very durable. As expected, holster is quite stiff but I'm sure will eventually relax. Only complaint is thumb break is routed over the spur of the hammer, making it difficult to fasten and will definitely wear a hole in it over time. Reroute the strap and it's 5 stars from me. Reply
Randall Cooke
Holster was very tight at first. Thought it was going to be too small. A little time was all it took to break in. Great holster. Very satisfied Reply
Robert Rogers
I like the holster. It is well made, but with a problem. When I ordered it for a Remington R1 Hunter LS, 10 mm, I did not indicate that the pistol has adjustable sights. Remington does make the pistol without these sights. As a result, the pistol fits the holster but will not go all the way into the holster, (the sights hit the holster before it goes all the way in) and the retaining strap will not close. I have not cut the holster leather for the pistol to fit as yet. Reply
Very nice holster and great craftsmanship. I'm very pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend Craft Holsters to a friend. Reply
Ken Wilhelm
The holster you made for my S&W 686 is a beautiful piece of leather craftsmanship. I'm a traditional leather holster guy. I have Galco, Bianchi, Desantis, TStar leather, 1791 Leather, Cal38 holsters, some others from gifted guns...well you get the idea. I can say your holster is one of the finest I own. Lead time is long but the end result is worth the wait. Keep up the good work. Ken Reply
Jestr, Richmond, VA.
Arrived in time as advertised. Very nicely constructed, and very tight fit. Followed hints about break-in (plastic) and left alone for a few days. Then wore it for a day around the house (with the plastic), still tight, but can now snap in without too much trouble. It will be perfect after a while (as expected). No regrets, would buy from again without hesitation. Reply
Robert Walshaw
The holster is everything they said it was, fits like a glove and gun slides in and out freely. The personal embossing could use refining though Great choice Reply
Texas family
We have owned many holsters over the years. These are the first we have purchased from Craft, and the quality of the material and craftsmanship are both outstanding. Reply
Great holster. Bought with a thumb break like the extra security when you are doing more than just walking up right. Down side of the thumb break is getting it snapped. It pops easy when go to draw and is not in the way. Can carry with it undone pistol does not move. Will be buying another one for my 1911. Great product. Reply
John C
Closed holster for my Ruger SR-22. The best holster I’ve ever had. Perfect fit, smooth draw with no stick. Outstanding comfort and fit on the belt and hip. Reply
Jim Bose
I really like my new holster, it fits tight to my body and is very confortable to wear all day long. My holster is for a Ruger GP100 Model 1715 with a 3’ barrow. The price was maybe a little high but after a month I believe it was worth every penny. I highly recommend this holster for the serious CCW individual. Reply
James Ford
It's a leather holster - it's what you're looking for, right? High end quality, comfortable to wear, and nestles your gun just right - fits like a glove, right? Well, perhaps. Do not be afraid to get aggressive when breaking in the holster. I used denatured alcohol, probably too much. Read the tips Craft Holsters sends out in their newspaper (or online?) and be both patient & persistent. After being successful with breaking in this holster for my LCP II (significantly different than the LCP - ask me how I know), I went back and was able to "break in" a similar holster for my S&W MP40C and Colt 1911. I now have three useable holsters that were destined for that infamous "holster drawer" (actually, I use a box). Reply
Very impressed with build, fit and finish of said product. As noted, it does take a short period for the firearm to “fit” proper to the holster. After that, no issues. Even after wearing under poor conditions, i.e. wet weather and sweat, the holster held up very well. Reply
Great quality and craftsmanship! Love the holster!!!! Reply
John Gambill
Quality craftsmanship and material. Gun fits perfectly. Worth the wait Reply
Michael Lentz
Excellent quality. Exactly as I expected and the fit is perfect. Using as an everyday carry holster. You need to have the patience to appreciate a handcrafted product. I will be buying more for other pistols. Thanks. Reply
Peter Jasan
The closed muzzle leather holster is very high quality and a great price. I am very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone. When I'm ready to buy another holster I will get it from Craft Holsters for sure. Reply

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