Canted Tuckable Leather IWB Holster Code: It. 21/2

Canted Tuckable Leather IWB Holster Code: It. 21/2

Canted Tuckable Leather IWB Holster
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4 O'clock Carry Position
4 O'clock Carry Position
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

This tuckable holster, designed for the inside the pants carry gives you a real concealment, comfortable carry and tilted forward cant for the natural draw of the gun. Holster is equipped with the prolonged belt loop and allow to tuck the clothes over. Slide guard minimizes a contact area with the gun.

All The Details

The holster is made from premium leather and is designed for the inside the waistband (IWB) carry. The holster is hand-molded on one gun replica to get the perfect gun-fit. The specific design of the holster with low ride belt attachment and belt loop enables to tuck a covering garment over the handgun to increase its concealment. The holster contains the slide guard, which prevents direct contact of the firearm with the body. Its effective design offers quick and easy draw and re-holstering. Entire barrel is covered, open muzzle design. The holster is designed for a 1.5'' belt. If you wish to have it made for a different belt size please specify it in the details.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

  • Entire barrel is covered, open muzzle design

  • IWB back carry

  • Hand molded and dyed leather

  • Lacquered leather finish

  • Low ride belt attachment with belt loop

  • Lowered gun carry position

  • Available in black or mahogany leather

  • Available in left and right-handed design

  • 5 year limited warranty

  • Produced by Falco Holsters

Customer reviews

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Alexey Kozaev
Ordered this for Glock 43. Very good work, the gun fins in perfectly! Reply
B King
I purchased this holster in black. I was very impressed with the construction and my Charter Arms 44 Special Bull Dog was a perfect fit. Almost too tight. I wore it around the house for testing. I liked the fact that my shirt was able to tuck inside the pants and had very little print. Of course, I was wearing a size larger than normal. I am an old man. I need to relieve my self frequently and on those occasions that my pants were lowered to satisfy the call of mother nature, It was most difficult to hold on to the holster and gun and then to redress was difficult and time consuming. Once the firearm was pulled, the holster would collaspe and made re holstering difficult. This is wonderful holster. But with the current design, you can carry all day with comfort and concealability, however, you cannot easily re holster should you need to, without undressing. Since, I hope to never to pull a firearm in anger. I will contend with the difficulties of using the facilities and redressing. I have other holsters that have resolved the re holstering issue and I keep checking in to see if they have addressed this problem. I would like to see a wider piece of leather to the bottom of the holster and perhaps some device to keep the holster open for re insertion into the holster. This is a good concept that needs a little more thought and effort. Thank You Billy C King Master Sergeant USAF (Ret'd) Reply
Excellent quality Reply
Don't be in a hurry... it took 8 weeks to get to the US but worth the wait. Got this for my wife and her G43. This is an awesome compact holster for small guns on small framed people. The pistol fits very snug as well as the belt loop. I would like a version with a larger sweat guard to keep the grip away from your side. I'm not a fan of "combat cut". Reply
Roger Cummings
This is by far the best quality leather holster that I have ever owned. It was certainly worth the wait time and I am sure it will last a life time. I will order from you again.. Reply
Jesse S
Very well make. Exactly what i was looking for. Reply
Dharia Spriggs
Very nice holster. Great quality. Comfortable, perfect fit for my sp101 3.02'. Reply
Very impressed with quality of materials and construction. This holster will last. Customer service and the progress updates throughout manufacturing process are great. Reply
My CRAFT IWB holster was well worth the wait! It was custom made to carry my Dan Wesson VALOR IWB daily. I wanted a custom holster to secure my higher end 1911 and this meets/exceeds my expectations! I highly recommend CRAFT Holsters to anyone who needs and appreciates craftsmanship and functionality when it comes to your EDC set up. Well done! Reply
Eric Totten
This holster is really nice quality. Galco who??? Reply
Don Doyle
I think this is a good holster but if you were to put a piece of metal it the leather where it snaps to your belt i think it would hold it in place better when you take your gon out because now the whole holster wants to come with the gun Reply
Ronni Whitesell
Very nice product,,,, snug fit for the Kimber and very comfy Reply
Erin Kelly
I love the holster. It was worth the wait. Reply
Edward Smith
Excellent holster!! Reply
William C Wallin
Outstanding quality work. Very satisfied with the shoulder holster, that I purchased several months earlier, also. Reply
The craftmanship is very good and the holster is very well made and comfortable to wear, however the leather is thin compared to a different model of holster purchased from Craft Holsters making re-holstering difficult due the holster collapsing. The tuckable feature is nice but when you drop your trousers to use the restroom, the holster flops around. Thank you Reply
Howard Hale
Great holster. The fit and finish are wonderful. It is very comfortable. I have carried a Walther PPK for 38 years and this is the overall best leather holster I have ever owned. Reply
Clark Coarsey
Excellent product. Worth the wait. Sturdy, comfortable construction and the holster fit the pistol like a glove. 5 stars. Reply
Excellent product Reply
Overall it is a good holster. The belt loop is a bit difficult to work with. The holster was very tight when I first got it, but I have working with it and the draw is getting much easier. I am pleased with my purchase. Reply
This holster took awhile to arrive but was well worth the wait. Fit my glock 19 gen5 right out of the package. Reply
Frank R Morton
I am very satisfied with my holster. Conceals just perfect and I like the design. Reply

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