Canted Tuckable Concealed Carry Holster Code: It. 435/2

Canted Tuckable Concealed Carry Holster Code: It. 435/2

Canted Tuckable Concealed Carry Holster
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4 O'clock Carry Position
4 O'clock Carry Position
Layered Functional Nylon
Layered Functional Nylon
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

The canted tuckable holster gives your gun an easy concealment, tuckable design and comfortable carry perfect for daily use. Canted design of the holster allows inside the pants carry in middle of back position. Extended belt loop allows to tuck the clothes over. Holster contains also a body shield part to minimize the contact area.

All The Details

The holster is designed for the inside the waistband gun carry. It is made of 3D breathable nylon material containing a mesh, which allows airiness for comfortable daily carry. The specific design of the holster with lowered carry position and extended belt loop enables tucking a covering garment over the gun to increase its concealment. The holster contains the slide guard, which prevents direct contact of the gun with the body. Designed for a quick draw and comfortable carry. The holster features a steel belt clip. The holster can be easily removed without taking the belt off. Entire barrel is covered with open muzzle design. It is available in right or left-handed design.

Standard holsters are designed to fit a 1.5 inch belt, if you need a holster for a different belt size, please specify it in order detail.

  • Produced by Falco holsters

  • Entire barrel is covered, open muzzle design

  • IWB, back carry

  • 3D breathable nylon material (Airy mesh)

  • Lowered gun carry position

  • Slide guard

  • Steel belt clip

  • Available in black

  • Available in left and right-handed design

  • 5 year limited warranty

Customer reviews

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Holster is great, if you have 3 months to wait for delivery Reply
Very Good. Reply
Excellent product - good quality - price is in line - well worth the wait Reply
Andre Fouche
It looks good, stitching looks good, conceals good. It feels comfortable on my side. I must shed a few pounds!!! Reply

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