Bullet Proof Guarantee

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Bullet Proof Guarantee

Trust is a very important thing when it comes to self defense, holsters and handguns in general. The right to bear arms gives you freedom and gives us a great responsibility to do our best not to let you down. We decided to remodel our approach and aim it to eliminate any insecurities you may have towards Craft Holsters. We conducted a research in the form of a poll, asking gun owners and gun enthusiasts about their fears, insecurities and notes on what’s important when it comes to holster purchase. Upon receiving the answers, we summed it up and created a solution that we call the Bulletproof Guarantee. 

Here it is

What is a Bulletproof Guarantee you ask? Well, a four step solution that beats any fear and issue and satisfies even the most demanding customer, that means every customer because there can be no concessions when it comes to holsters. 

  • Quality Craftsmanship Guarantee safeguards the quality of the leather so that it feels premium and well made once you are holding it in your hands.

  • Perfect Gun Fit Guarantee safeguards the functionality of the holster so that your gun fits perfectly abiding all safety aspects.

  • Worldwide Delivery Guarantee safeguards that wherever in the world you may be, our products can be delivered there.
  • 30 Day Tryout Guarantee safeguards that you can feel free to return our product within 30 days, in case you feel the quality, craftsmanship, gun fit or carry comfort is not as promised.


Please have in mind that some of our leather products require a break-in period. The break-in helps the leather and the strap to loosen and improves the fit. Here are instructions for a leather holster break-in.

Please remember that we need a photo of the product in order to accept the 30 day Tryout.

Please note that the 30 Day Tryout Guarantee does not cover an unintentional customer mistake, such as choosing the wrong gun, or choosing the wrong color or hand of the product.