Benefits Of Our Holsters

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Benefits Of Our Holsters

Best European Brands

Best European BrandsThe brands that belong to the most acknowledged and trustworthy brands that have been a part of the gun culture for years and offer traditional quality and hi-tech approach. These brands are the best that the Old Continent can offer.


Custom Made

Custom MadeThe products we offer are custom made to ensure the perfect fit and function. Every handgun you choose is represented by a mold at our producers’ and your holster is directly molded into it. There is no mass production included in any of your products.


Hand Molded And Dyed Leather

Hand Modled And Dyed LeatherEvery part of the holster production is overseen by a team of specialists. The leather is hand molded and hand dyed using traditional methods, liquids and solutions to ensure the best outcome, look and first and foremost, the perfect fit.


Monogram embossing available

Monogram Embossing AvailableThis is purely for the purpose of making your custom holster even more custom and personal. The initials you choose will adorn the leather on your holster making it something that defines your personality.


Premium 5 Year Warranty

Premium 5 Year WarrantyThe extended premium warranty period lasts half a decade for a reason. That reason is that there is knowledge and perfection in every holster. It’s a bold statement, that the holsters we offer stand the test of time and use.


Premium 2 Year Warranty

Premium 2 Year WarrantyThe warranty keeps our promise as a holster provider that the product you are using everyday will serve you perfectly and in case of any malfunctions you can return it and receive a proper replacement.


Durable Stitching And Construction

Durable Stitching And ConstructionThe thing that separates quality and mediocrity is attention to detail. The stitching is a technology safeguarded by our producers and is made to last and be durable. The details that are both aesthetic and smart make up all the things you can love about our holsters.


Durable Construction

Durable ConstructionEvery holster is constructed to accommodate the handgun perfectly and not only that, the construction is made with extra durability in mind. That way there is a simultaneous protection of the gun thanks to the fine inside of the holster and the durable outside construction.


Old World Craftsmanship

Old-World CraftsmanshipHundreds of years of knowledge that are traded from one generation to another make up a craftsmanship that stands out in every category. The handwork and wisdom is specific with every producer and yet has a common goal - perfection.


Old World Quality

Old-World QualityThe quality and lifespan of holsters that has been tested through time anywhere in the world will assure you that the Old World still makes quality that is hard to match. Every product is a unique piece of art.


Concealed Gun Compartment

Concealed Gun CompartmentA feature that allows for deep concealment of your personal defense handguns in objects that are common to the eye of the beholder and don’t stand out in any attention attracting way. The gun compartment functions as a standard holster with all safety features.


Fits Like A Glove

Fits Like A GloveThe feeling that you get when your gun fits in the holster like a glove is guaranteed with our holsters. They are specifically made perfect for each gun and allow for a comfortable and quick draw and an easy re-holstering. 


Hi Tech Materials

Hi-Tech MaterialsThe state of the art technology behind every holster provides all the benefits of these materials. The treatment and production is made with the help of technology that is programmed to be exact, precise and perfect. 


Indestructible Kydex Material

Indestructible Kydex MaterialThe kydex we offer is a mixture of features that make it indestructible and easy to love and use. It’s made of premium kydex that is sturdy, hard and can withstand any environmental circumstance while it still offers a perfect  way to carry as it leaves no marks on the gun. It will never let you down.


Indestructible Polymer Material

Indestructible Polymer MaterialThe polymer materials that we offer are the best examples of the use of technology to aid the common carrying person. Our indestructible polymer material is guaranteed to not let you down anywhere or anytime and will keep your gun safe.


Layered Functional Nylon

Layered Functional NylonThe nylon holsters have multiple layers that each have a specific purpose to serve. The coats of nylon ensure that the gun is safely and harmlessly kept in the holster, protected against the environment and the holster is overall functional, reliable and looking good. 


Modern & Comfortable Fit

Modern & Comfortable FitOur holsters serve a noble cause and add something more. The fit of our holsters is as comfortable as it can get plus the look and overall aesthetics of our products match even the most demanding customers. 


Smart Details

Smart DetailsWe take pride in the  implementation of details that you won’t even notice but they serve so well that without them the holster would be much worse. The smart details such as needlework, clips, screws, lines, loops and finish all make the perfect holsters that we offer.


Traditional Quality Leather

Traditional Quality LeatherThe leather that our products are made of is the best that the market can provide. It has a genuine complexion and comes from the best sources. It has a thickness of 0.11’’ which is the golden mean as it is functional and comfortable at the same time.


Adjustable Paddle Attachment

Adjustable Paddle AttachmentThe more you can personalize the holster the better. We offer adjustability in paddle attachments so you are not bound to one style, but you have the right to choose whichever fits you the most.


Cross Draw Carry Position

Cross Draw Carry PositionThe holster is designed to rest on your weak side and the gun should be drawn with the dominant hand all the way across your body to the surprise to anyone that poses a threat.  This position offers a reliable draw in many situations, especially while sitting.


1 O’clock Carry Position

1 O'clock Carry PositionYour body is a dial and your head represents the 12th hour. 1 o’clock is directly in front on your dominant side, it’s sometimes called appendix carry. It’s best suited for concealed inside the waistband carry and for people who like to draw with their dominant hand. 


3 O’clock Carry Position

3 O'clock Carry PositionYour body is a dial and your head represents the 12th hour. 3 o’clock is at the strong side of your body and is perfect for carrying any handgun as it represents a natural position not too far for the strong arm to stretch. 


4 O’clock Carry Position

4 O'clock Carry PositionYour body is a dial and your head represents the 12th hour. 4 o’clock is just behind your strong side, this is a perfect carry position for canted holsters as they offer a canted grip to hold to. It’s a natural position not too far for the strong arm to reach. 


6 O’clock Carry Position

6 O'clock Carry PositionYour body is a dial and your head represents the 12th hour. 6 o’clock is in the middle of you back, the so called small of back carry position. The carry position almost always requires the gun to be ‘upside-down’ because of the way the gun is drawn.


2 Carry Positions - 11 and 4 O’clock Carry

2 Carry PositionsThe holster is designed to be carried either at 1 o’clock as a crossdraw holster or 4 o’clock as a strong side carry holster. The natural cant of the holster proves a reliable feature to aid the draw. The two positions offer a quick drawn and a safe carry versatile carry fit for everyday situations such as sitting, driving etc.


2 Carry Positions - 3 and 4 O’clock Carry

2 Carry PositionsThe holster is designed to be carried either at 3 o’clock or 4 o’clock on the strong side of the body. The two positions offer a quick, concealed and safe drawn and a comfortable and versatile carry fit for everyday situations such as sitting, driving etc.


3 Carry Positions - 11,4 and 6 O’clock Carry

3 Carry PositionsThe holster is designed to be carried canted either at 11 o’clock as a crossdraw holster or 4 o’clock canted as a strong side carry, or to be carried at 6 o’clock as a small of the back holster. The variety of the carry positions allows the owner of the holster to adjust his carry needs to  the fullest extent depending on how he’s spending the day.


Italian Leather

Italian leather stands out in every aspect available. Knowledge of generations of craftsmen combined with a unique oil treatment and vegetable tanning produce a leather that withstands wear and tear and gets a patina as it ages, looking even more beautiful.