Belt Side Leather Holster Code: It. T1

Belt Side Leather Holster Code: It. T1

Belt Side Leather Holster
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On Stock
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2 Carry Positions
2 Carry Positions
Traditional Quality Leather
Traditional Quality Leather
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 2 Year Warranty
Premium 2 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

If you are looking for a tight fitting belt holster for the strong side carry this one is for you. It has thin and robust wet-molded Italian leather that will almost make you feel the gun, while still providing a firm accommodation of the holster. The draw and re-holstering is easy thanks to a smart opening at the edge of the trigger guard.

All The Details

OWB, quick release thumb break, open muzzle design. It can be worn as a side carry holster with forward cant or cross draw, opened area around the trigger guard. The holster is designed to fit a 1.5 inch belt. Please note: depending on the size of the firearm the holster may have a slightly different design, especially with small firearms.

Double Stitching And Fast Draw

The holster is double-stitched on key points of use such as the opening and belt loops. It features a premium sewn-in snap that won’t harm the finish of the gun. The edges of the trigger guard are open to ensure a fast draw.

Firm Carry On The Strong Side

The holster has two belt loops which enable strong side carry at 3 o’clock. The belt loops also enable cross-draw carry in a straight up position. The belt loops are widespread and the holster rides closer to the body and doesn’t print while allowing a steady position on the belt without moving around.

Pressure Molding To Ensure The Fit

The holster has been molded during it’s weeks of production directly to a specific gun model. This method allows the holster to accommodate only one weapon properly and safe. It fits like a glove and holds the shape.

Premium Italian Leather

The holster has all the attributes thanks to a genuine cowhide from Italy. It has a thickness of 1/10'' The shape is retained thanks to the wet-molding of the leather and the use of quality oils in the process.

Pistols And Revolvers

We tested the holster for both pistols and revolvers. The pistol fits without any problems as usual and seen on the pictures as well as the revolver. Both types of handguns are securely accommodated.

Tip: As leather is a natural material, quality leather products may require a break-in, either of the holster or the strap. Please read how to break-in and care for your leather holster for a perfect gun fit.

  • Available in black or mahogany leather

  • Open muzzle design

  • Entire barrel covered

  • Cross draw and side carry position

  • Available in right and left-handed design

  • 2 year limited warranty

  • Produced by Vega Holster

Customer reviews

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Stuart Johnson
Works well with my Taurus 82 except the snap takes some getting used to. Seems to me its on backwards. Snap was worse on cheap vinyl holster. Reply
ed ryan
This is as close to perfect as I think is humanly possible. It is not just good looking, it is a beautiful work of art. Pure craftsmanship which is lacking in our world today. It is refreshing to order something that far exceeds expectations! Reply
tim hinton
love the holster (cz 75 shadow ), great fit and quality, delivered about 2 weeks,,going to order one for the compact, Reply
very nice holster, looks great, nice fit,(CZ Shadow) quality workmanship, already ordered another one for my CZ Compact, shipped quicker than expected, love it!! Reply
Dennis Vore
Nice holster. Somewhat tight on remington 1911, but it will break in after use. Holster does allow 1911 to be carried cocked and locked. Reply
Like many others I have a lot of holsters that don't fit anything. Too bad I can't examine them before purchasing. But this one was perfect for my CZ 75 B right out of the envelope. Made in black leather and appears to be made by Vega Holster. I don't often carry openly but when I do this is the right holster for the right pistol. The thumb break requires some work to get it to where I can easily close it back up. Even though this pistol is single action only I still like to carry a round in the chamber. This makes the thumb break an essential safety feature. I can also use this holster in an off body concealment bag. Having the pistol holstered, with full trigger coverage and thumb break, inside the bag, makes this a safe carry option. Reply
Warren Wallace
Very pleased with this holster. Reply
jack w/winnco firearms
very pleased with this holster. excellent quality, reasonable cost, quick delevery. my customer was very happy. Reply
Nick Spartana
Got a model for GP-100 and love it. The function is sweet, the thumb lock is sure and easy to release when needed. It is prettier than the gun too. Reply
You rarely see quality craftsmanship... these days ...but the Craft Holsters unit I ordered for my Walther is quite amazing. I am more than sure it will out last me on this planet.. It is a beautiful piece of function, it works great with my pistol and carries it extremely well. After a litle time of use it will be complete...I also ordered the matching Magazine pouch and it is outstanding as well. Also, the people at Craft were outstanding. I has been a pleasure to do business with Craft Holsters...that's hard to find these days. Thanks to Craft Holsters. Reply
Holster is sturdy and good looking, gun fits perfectly. Only weak side is that holster most be modified little bit if you are going to use it in in IPSC ets, Trigger is visible and in theory you could shoot without taking a gun from holster so it requires little bit modification for it. If just using holster for carrying gun at range, holster works perfectly. Reply
Forgot to add in my review, my gun is Colt Python with 4 inch barrel. Reply
O. L. Stroupe
Good holster, fits well, but very expensive. Reply
Gary P
It's a wonderful classic holster, made in Italy, and it fits my Beretta perfectly. The leather is thick and has a great finish, and this is type of product which will last for dozens of years. Reply
I was very pleased with the craftsmanship of the holster. It was riveted for extra strength. The stitching is excellent. The revolver fit into the molded shape perfectly. The hold down strap, because of it's design, will not come unsnapped by it's self. I have worn other holsters that came unsnapped when my jacket moved and caught hold of the snap. Reply
Michael Hinshaw
This is a great holster. For me it fits in snug to my side without being uncomfortable. It holds my pistol at just the right height. The quality is superb. I really like this holster. Actually I have 2 of them. For 2 different size .45's. Get it. You will be glad you did. Reply
Robert Fausett
Perfect. Love the fit. Already ordered the magazine holster. Reply
He loves it!! Fits his Ruger like a glove and looks so very sharp! Thank you!! Reply
Very well made and it fits my gun like a glove. Reply
Great fit and finish!! I am very happy with my holster! Thanks Reply
It’s a great looking mag pouch definitely took a little bit of breaking in and still needs a slight bit more but overall a fine purchase Reply
John Sharpe
The holster is a thing of beauty and it fits my pistol very well. My only complaint is that it is very difficult to snap the strap back in place after re-holstering the gun. Reply
Best holster I own, glad I bought it! Reply
Jim Milakovich
I have only had it for a short time. I have used it and liked what I purchased. It fits and I carry it where I want it, on my hip. My 45 is secured and my movement isn't impaired at all. So far I'm well satisfied. Reply
Was having a hard time finding a holster for my beretta tomcat. These guys made one that’s a prefect fit. Works great looks great the leather is top quality and the stitching couldn’t be higher quality. The price is good also. Service was spot on. Now it wil take a few weeks as they aren’t selling pre made holsters. They make when you order. It worth the wait. Reply
O.L. Stroupe
Great holster, but very expensive. Reply
Terry Norris
Received my holster. What a beauty. You can see the quality through out the holster. My pistol fits perfectly, its almost to nice to use! Ha! Ha! Thanks for the quality work! Reply
Robert Davis
I purchased holster after looking at the other holsters online. At first I was a little surprised to see the factory was over seas but not as surprised as I was when 5 days later I was sliding my ruger commander into the finest holster I ever owned the craftsmanship of the stitching was spot on and seemed to be broke in. To say I’m happy would be an understatement. Once again thanks. Reply
Stella B
Excellent craftsmanship. Wish monogram just a little larger. Love my holster. Reply
very well made good leather weapon fits perfectly Reply
J. Lee
The holder is for a 1911. I ordered one for a .380. Have spoken with customer service . Reply
The fit was perfect. Well made, but expensive. Reply
Steve Thomas
Just got this holster for my Ruger GP100 with the 6" barrel.It fits great,The leather is well put together.I would buy another holster tomorrow from these people and it came in just a short time. Reply
Bought one of these for my colt delta elite. Leather is great quality and holster seems very well made. Still need to break in the leather some. Fitment of gun is perfect. Very pleased Reply
I ordered this holster for my Colt 1911 CQB pistol. Utilizing the USMC frame there are very, very few holster options available for this handgun. This is a truly superb holster option. The fit is perfect, the workmanship impeccable. High quality leather and stitching as well. People don't generally compliment me on holsters. This one is an exception. I've had numerous folks ask me about where and how I found such a beautiful holster. Reply
Beautiful and fit like a glove with no breakin steps needed. Reply
William Schell
Awesom holster for my new 2017 Colt Cobra. Reply
William Schell
Awesom holster for my new 2017 Colt Cobra. Reply
J. A.
I bought this holster because the one I was replacing had lost its rigidity and had become a bit "floppy". Although I haven't used the holster since I purchased it a month ago, it appears that it will be able to retain its shape well. Although I possess a concealed carry permit, I find that I rarely carry because of the inconvenience factor. If I find myself getting back to carrying concealed on a regular basis, this holster should be a good replacement for the old FALCO holster. Reply
Great product Fits good Reply
My CZ SP-01 full size pistol is my go to competition firearm, and the kydex holsters I use just aren't made for a comfortable all day open carry on my 160lb frame. I work in a gun shop that encourages the carry, so I started a search for a good leather holster to fill in those days my usual open carry pistol (a CZ P-01) was disassembled for cleaning or I just felt like a different carry for that day. With a full magazine, the SP-01 is fairly heavy and noticeable on my side, but the Craft Holster provides a snugger fit that really minimizes any discomfort. The biggest surprise was the snap, something I hadn't had to worry about since my service in the early '80s. While it secures the firearm really well against a straight pull, it's really easy to use your thumb to pop it open and remove the pistol. Like my P-01 holster, I put the gun in a plastic grocery bag and inserted this in the new holster to break it in. In fact, I just convinced myself to wear this combo today before I head to work. With two Craft Holsters in hand, I've become a fan and am looking at yet another to add to the collection. Thank YOU! Reply
Holster for my STI 1911 45APC 5". Beautiful craftsmanship, and very please with the custom made "Vegas"holster. Very tight fit when it arrived, but after I wrapped the pistol in waxed paper and left it to "set in" over night, the pistol now fits beautifully and slides in the holster effortlessly. Reply
Ordered a Belt Side Leather holster for a Ruger Redhawk 4.2". Holster seems well made and fit perfectly. Was disappointed that the holster did not cover more of the trigger guard area. I prefer the holster to cover enough of the trigger guard so that you can't see the trigger or slip your finger under the leather to manipulate the trigger. That is the only reason for 4 stars rating instead of 5. Reply
Richard E. Gordon
The Holster was a fine work of craftsmanship. I was very pleased with the way it was packaged and shipped as well. My gun slide in like it was made for it, which it was. Thank you for providing such fine product. Reply
joe k
excellent craftsmanship and reasonably priced, until I had purchased some property in northern Idaho I had been using an inside the belt holster for a Sig p220 and this was fine for flat south east Texas , Idaho's rugged diversity combined with Big Cat tracks all over the place prompted for something more comfortable when you slip, trip , and flat out fall as well as quick access in a pinch . In addition the folks at Craft Holster were true professionals to deal with when the holster started to incorrectly ship to Texas because of the billing address associated with the card, they were able to stop it in transit and redirect to Idaho in a timely fashion. Reply
Best value ever!!! Reply
well made ....good service Reply
Hector B
The holster is okay, understanding that's it's leather I know it'll take a while for it to fit perfectly. I wasnt all that imprrssed when i took it out of the package. The button at the top seems a bit off but i cant clip it with a bit of fussing. I just honestly don't think it's worth the price I paid for it. Decent item, embroidery is nothing special, and I personally wouldn't buy another one. Hector B. Reply
George P.
Excellent product, fit perfectly and lock great. Thank you. G. Reply
John Bracewell
Excellent quality and superb customer service. I am very happy with this holster and will shop here again. Reply
Excellent crafmanship and customer service! Reply
Sorry for the delay in my review........I bought a holster on e-bay since I needed one quick for a pistol course I was taking. I ordered a Craft Holster but since it was during the Christmas Holiday, I had to wait a couple of weeks ! Once I got the new Craft Holster, it " fit like a glove". I just used it on a 2nd pistol course and was so much easier to holster the weapon compared to the one I got on e-bay. I highly suggest if you are looking for a holster, get one from "CRAFT HOLSTER" as the price is very, very reasonable. Thank you craft holster. Reply
Chris OBrien
A very well made holster. My only complaint is it should be a hair tighter. Good product and good company, highly recommend. Reply
jeff banaszak
pleased overall with the product. Reply
Raymond Joyner
Good craftsmanship and quality material! Break in was pretty easy using the instructions that came with it. All together a Great Hoster! Reply
Holster fit my 1911 pistol to exact spec. I work with leather as a Hobbie and Craftsmanship was excellent. Have no complaints. Next purchase will be for my .44 629. Reply
Received my order and the holster was very nice and fit my Springfield 1911 RO Elite perfect. The only thing is im still waiting for my free paracord bracelet that was promised to me twice. Reply
Ingrid Nelson
Excellent quality holster, fits my Colt Cobra (Post 2017) like a glove. The craftsmanship is of superior quality and so is the leather. Highly recommend this product to those who appreciate excellent quality without going broke. Getting ready to order a second holster to carry in different position. Reply
Dan Bradley
Had to reword holster to stretch so that it would fit pistol. After a week, got it to be useable Reply
Hugh Coleman
Great holster, sleek design works well for my large frame 1911 .45 caliber STI. The holster is extremely well made and the weapon fit was perfect with a fast break-in. Reply
Kris MacDowell
I purchased this holster for my PX4 storm and it fits like a glove. Very pretty holster with clean lines, and the thumb break works like a champ. There was even a post it note in the package with a hand written note on it. Reply
Donna H.
Fits perfectly. High quality leather. Reply
Martin Broussard
Top Notch quality and very professional sales staff Reply
Quality product. LE officer, I wear this daily. Very comfortable on first days use. Gets better with use. Nice little touch with the embossed personal letters. Reply
Dale Sweezy
Very nice holster. fits perfect . Reply
Richard L. Forsyth
In one word PERFECTION! Bought this leather holster for my 9mm Beretta Model 92FS. Fits like a glove and in addition when put through the belt loops there is no movement. Almost like part of your body. There is absolutely no improvement needed in this holster. It is perfect as is. Reply
The holster fit my revolver perfectly and rides very well on any of the belts that I use. The retention strap has a good positive closing feel and is easy to open with my thumb as I draw the pistol. I would definitely recommend this holster. Reply
Mary Hankins
This is the first holster I have ever owned. I find it to be perfect for my needs. My .380 fits snugly into the holster, and it is comfortable around my waist. The holster is made of good quality leather and craftsmanship. I could not be happier with my purchase. Reply
M Michael Meehan
Great fit, great leather works well Reply
Brad Frazier
Excellent workmanship and stitching. Fits my pistol perfectly. No break in needed. I am well pleased. Reply
Gil Forgays
Absolutely fantastic holster. I couldn't be happier! Craftsmanship is superb! Reply
Roger Thompson
The fit on this holster is perfect I went on a day-long hike last weekend and it was very comfortable to wear I can't wait to use it for this September's deer hunt Reply
Robert Mortensen
Perfect 10 Reply
This is the best holster I have ever owned. It is perfect in every way. Reply
When you see the quality in this holster you will wonder how you got it so cheap. Excellent quality. Beautiful appearance. Great fit. Quick delivery. I can say nothing bad about this deal. Reply
Rick Embry
The folks at craft holsters are the best i have seen. I had a problem with my holster and they took care of it fast. I plan on ordering from them again and would tell anyone looking for a holster to order from craft holsters. Reply
Very nice quality holster for Beretta 92F. Great fit and finish. Love it! Reply
James Martin
I am very pleased with the 2 holsters I bought. Reply
Leon Henry
I think the holster is awesome and quite functional for my Glock 20. Definitely meets my needs and is comfortable to wear Reply
Greg P.
I live my Belt Side Holster... My Glock fits in perfrectly and it feels great! I will be buying all of my holsters from here for now on... fits like a glove Reply
The holster I received for a Glock 39 doesn't fit. The thumb break strap was about 1/4 inch too short. removing the gun from the holster requires a downward and to the rear angle to remove it from the holster, which is time consuming and awkward. This holster will fit a Glock 26 much better. As far as the quality of the holster, it seems to be built very well. FYI: I followed the break-in instructions supplied with the holster and, also, searched their web page for advise. Reply
Very nice quality holster. Wonderful fit and very quick shipping. Thanks! Reply
Custom fit to my gun perfectly. High quality craftsmanship. Snug fit on my belt. Very happy. Reply
Trifone N.
I had a difficult time finding a belt side leather holster for an H&K P2000SK in left hand until I learned of Craftholsters . They were able to offer me the product I needed . I am very impressed with the holster . It is really quality material ,superior craftsmanship and at a reasonable price . The staff were very helpful and a pleasure to deal with . I will not hesitate to order additional leather gear in the future . Reply
Carlton Mason
This is one of the best holsters I have ever bought in regard to fit & finish. Reply
Darryl Howard
The holster is absolutely as advertised and reminds me of those full leather baseball gloves of past years. A little break in and it’s like a quality glove for my Springfield 45. Best purchase I’ve made in years. Hats off to my Craft friends and keep up your excellent work. Reply
Great fit for my SR1911. Made by Vega, and molded perfectly. Reply
Great fit and appears to be well made have worn it for 4 weeks no problems Reply
Don Sparkman
One of the nicest looking and best fitting holster I have ever purchased. I had never heard of Craftholster until recently. I am planning on ordering a couple more. Reply
Sonny vickers
Your holster fit my vaquero revolver beautifully. The texture and quality of the leather is very nice , especially since the price was so reasonable. Im left handed and didn’t get a right handed rig. Thanks Reply
Great holster, don’t appreciate the sudden flooding of advertising materials to my house from whomever you sold my information to, seriously? Never ordering from you again. Reply
This holster is made of excellent quality leather. My pistol fits perfectly in the holster. This was an excellent purchase for the money spent. Reply
Rick D'Antonio
Ordered this for my CZ-75B. I was very skeptical at first as other holsters I have tried I didn't like because of the way they fit. Not so with this holster. Fits my gun and belt perfect and doesn't take up a huge area on my belt as other forward canted holsters do. Very high quality leather, reasonable price, and works as advertised. Plan to get another for my Glock 22 and Springfield XD. Reply
Hey, all serious gun guys have multiple holsters in their closet. Some good, some bad. This is my third Craft holster. I am very pleased with these holsters, in terms of price and quality. Makes me question the reviews left by others who just received a holster and then within in a few days complain about price, quality or carry ability. In my opinion these are top notch holsters. Get one, carry it for a year and then place your comments. That's what makes your humble opinion of value to others. Reply
Rick Smith
The holster arrived quickly and in beautiful shape. The fit for the Beretta is perfect and the workmanship is excellent. I would recommend this product and the company anytime. Reply
Stephen Basinger
Excellent craftsmanship, holster fits my handgun like a glove. Snug enough to hold upside down but smooth drawing. I would definitely recommend to my friends as I already have. Reply
Nice quality and great price. Reply
This is a really, really well made holster and there is but one way it could be better. As is it is a fairly high ride format but I wish that it rode about ½" lower which should be a simple matter of moving the belt loop higher. In all, it is a near pefect holster and comparable in workmanship to my Bucheimer, Hunters, Alessi, Bianchi and Hume examples. Reply
Jonathan Martin
Great holster one problem screw at the trigger guard was loose . Reply
Brian B
Great fit right out of the package. Snug, but not too right. Well made. Love it. Reply
Billy Ruggles
it is a very good holster and well worth what it cost. it is also very nice looking thank you for your friendy service Reply
This belt side holster is exactly what I was expecting, awesome. Reply
B Jackson
Awesome holster! I have the Dan Wesson Specialist. Smells like saddle leather. The fit is snug, I like that. I saw some reviews complaining about the snap rubbing the gun. Looks likes Craft remedied the issue by recessing the snap into the leather. Nothing touches the weapon but leather. Well done. I'll likely by another for my revolver. Thanks BJ Reply

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