Belt Pouch With Concealed Gun Holster Code: It. 526

Belt Pouch With Concealed Gun Holster Code: It. 526

Belt Pouch With Concealed Gun Holster
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Concealed Gun Compartment
Concealed Gun Compartment
Layered Functional Nylon
Layered Functional Nylon
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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Why To Buy It

“Tactical belt pouch” is a very practical concealed carry option. Perfect for an all day carry and for the use during any sports activities. It is equipped with unique "tearing opening system" for the fast access and easy draw. Separate gun compartment with elastic holder will keep your gun safely.

All The Details

The Belt Pouch is designed for the concealed gun carry. The pouch includes a main gun compartment with gun holder and additional two zippered pockets on the front. The gun is secured in the holster by the elastic material and double secured by Velcro closing. The belt pouch is available in four different sizes for a perfect gun fit. The belt pouch is ideal for comfortable everyday carry and for the use during the sport activities. 

This pouch is available in 4 sizes:

  Max Gun Length Height Width Depth
Size 1 5.5" 6.30" 4.72" 0.98"
Size 2 6.9" 7.48" 5.90" 0.98"
Size 3 8" 8.85" 5.90" 0.98"
Size 4 10" 10.62" 5.90" 0.98"


Pouch That Will Take Care Of The Gun

The strong sides of this pouch are a light and breathable nylon and good stitching. The pouch has more compartments to offer space for your belongings while still holding the gun firmly and offering a fast draw. The pouch is ambidextrous and has a quick zip opening allowing a rip-draw.

Two Belt Loops To Support The Weight

The pouch is held on the belt via two belt loops that are on the sides of the back part. The two loops prevent the pouch from wobbling around the belt and are offer a reliable base for a speed draw.

Easy Draw Thanks To The Optimized Size

The pouch contains a inner velcro-based holster that is removable and can be positioned so that your gun can be drawn perfectly in different positions on the belt. The overall length  of the gun determines the size of the pouch. This has to be kept in mind while ordering.

Premium Materials Are The Key

The nylon material used to make this pouch is layered and breathable. The various compartments and parts have different stitching and details that help the functionality of the pouch as a whole. The back part is supported via a cross-stitch, the front has reinforced edges and the zipper can be forcefully rip-opened to allow a speed draw.

Pistols And Revolvers

We tested the holster for both pistols and revolvers. The pistol fits without any problems as usual and seen on the pictures as well as the revolver. Both types of handguns are securely accommodated.

  • Concealed gun carry

  • Available in black, blue, green and pink color

  • Suitable for guns with light or laser

  • Rear gun holster compartment, additional zippered pockets

  • Double Velcro closing for perfect stability

  • Quick zip opening

  • Ambidextrous use, suitable for both handed shooters

  • 5 year limited Warranty

  • Produced by Falco Holsters

Customer reviews

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R Ross
I bought this Craft pouch-holster for my Steyr S9-A1, after a lot of looking around; it’s hard to find a comfortable holster for summer weather concealed carry of a subcompact pistol and thought this one would be worth trying. It took a little getting used, but after caring it a few time I’m starting to like it more and more. I like having my cell phone in the outer pocket also. Overall I think it’s a very good product and fits the purpose well. Its made of good quality material so it should be durable, we will see over time. So far its performing exactly as advertised. i would only suggest Craft look at using a belt clip-on type hook system, rather than belt loops, to make it easier to put on and take off. Reply
I have been using the holster for a few weeks and love it. Their customer service is excellent. The holster is comfortable to wear and my Ruger SR9C is discretely hidden. The workmanship and material quality are great and I am considering getting another for my wife's Glock 43. Reply
Great product, the belt pouch works very well for concealment. Belt pouch is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Reply
Mark Makie
I am very happy with the quality of the pouch and how well it fit my gun. The inside the belt holsters I tried just did not work for me. This option is a perfect alternative. Reply
Excellent conceal carry holster with plenty of options. Room for firearm, extra clips, cell phone and any other extras. The three sectional dividers work perfectly to avoid scratches and the weight is evenly distributed making it comfortable to wear and conceal. The belt loops holds the holster firmer to the body than clip types. Also, the two loops on the top front provide even more space for easy access to keys and whatever else you need to reach quickly. Great design! Reply
In addition to my last review, I discovered a 4th concealed Velcro compartment handy for storing credit cards and other personal items hidden from detection. The holster is becoming a daily learning experience! Reply
I really like this holster. Fits nicely with my belt for walks, and also the holster slips right into my backpack as well, taking very little space. Reply
Great high quality holster. A little small for my 1911 Sig Sauer i ordered it for. Will use it for another gun. Fast shipping. Reply
Robert Russell
The holster that I have received from you is of high quality and fits my 380 and 9mm very well. The shipping by ups was outstanding and the tracking was amazing. I would order again if necessary. Reply
Very good holster that can be made to look totally innocuous. With a pen and a small note pad in the front most compartment nobody asks questions, and it sits very comfortably. Deploys quickly too. Also, fantastic customer service! :) Reply
OK!!! Reply
Kevin B. Weller
Just received my holsters in the mail this morning. So I'm loving it. Everything fits perfectly. Handgun, extra magazine, smartphone and wallet. I do have one suggestion should ship with at least one extra Velcro band so an extra magazine can be secured along side the handgun. Thanks Reply
Ronald N. Jablonski
The Absolute Most Comfortable Holster I have ever owned! I am a retired police officer and have been wearing conventional holsters for 45 years. After all the jabbing and inability to wear the clothing I preferred, due to concealment problems, I opted to give this one a try! Hats off to Craft Holsters! Amazing Product, most reasonably priced, and the Craftsmanship is impeccable....Ron Reply
As a thin guy in a t-shirt I have few options in hot weather to conceal carry. The belt pouch looks good and will open fast, well made five stars from me. Reply
Nicely made holster - my Sig P238 fits inside well and is held securely. I like the small side pockets. Reply
V Milner
Craft Holsters did exactly what they said they would do. The products that i ordered were very good quality, shipped within the time frame that I was promised. What more can you ask for? Reply
William Seaman
I think they are worth the money. I carry about 90% of the time and I put my cell phone, 1 or 2 pens, and paper in the front pockets to help camouflage it even more. Everyone tells me they like my tool pouch. When I was in Florida on vacation I walk between about 4 of their police officers who were standing far apart talking to one another to see if they would stop me and they didn't. By the way I do have my CCW license. Also if you have a problem give them your sales order number and they will take care of you. I own 3 of them. Reply
Kris W
For what I paid, I honestly didn't expect much. What I got far exceeded those expectations. I got a fully ambidextrous holster that allows me to customize how the firearm rests on my hip. Plus, with a little sewing, I have a holster for almost any handgun I might own. I'm exceedingly pleased. Reply
Eric Jackson
This pouch does the trick. Just what I was looking for and comfortable to wear. I would recommend it to anyone who does not want to carry IWB. Reply
John Brawley
It is very nice. No one notices that I have a small hand gun in it. Looks like something I would carry with me every day. Reply
Holster was purchased to carry on trips in auto. The quality and design could not be better .Great product from great company! Reply
Stan Cornelius
the concealed belt pouch holster that I had custom made to fit my glock 43 with extended magazines fits my glock very well with either the +1 or +2 magazine. ... I like the holster because I can wear it exposed on my belt and hip yet it covers the entire pistol, thus, others that may be apprehensive at the sight of a firearm will not really know what is there as it appears as nothing more than an oversize cell phone, camera, etc. yet it is readily accessible to me Reply
Larry Watson
Great pouch holster, well made and functional Reply
Margaret Woosley
Well Made correct size for gun. Nice pockets for phone or ID. comfortable to wear. wonder what two elastic tabs for for. Reply
Neil Salvador
I love the pouch very much . I just wish they put additional holder for the extra magazine. Reply
Robert P
In general, this is a generally well designed and very well constructed quality product. I am using it with a Ruger 380 LCP with the Crimson Trace laser and it fits well. Because I wear it on the left in a cross draw configuration, it is just a little bit awkward because the vertical design results in less than perfect orientation for grasping the weapon quickly. The width of the pouch prevents the weapon from being retained at the ideal angle, even though the adjustable retainer can be set to any angle. I would love to see this same size pouch offered in a horizontal configuration for cross draw use (it would also look a little less than a gun pouch and more like a utility pouch). It would also be nice to have spring clasps rather than belt loops for those times when I do not use a belt. I would definitely recommend this as the outside the waistband location is much more comfortable than IWB plus the pouch also offers additional small item storage. Reply
Just what I was looking for. Pistol is secure and zippered in good. I carry a flash light and extra stuff in the pouch. Reply
John Terry
The 8 inch pouch recommended for a FNfive seven is too small to conceal the butt of the gun. Maybe the 10 inch will work. Reply
Great quality, very nice pouch holster. Yes, the zipper can be ripped open by grabbing one of the top loops. I have found it easiest when you keep the two zippers at the corner you want to rip from. I've found this pouch to be a useful solution to concealed carry when deep concealment is not possible. Recommended. Reply
Glen Macumber
The belt pouch is just the carry pouch I wanted. Fits my gun and holds other things. It is easy to use and not in your way on your belt. Great item. Thanks..Glen Reply
C Wright
Exactly what I was looking for. Reply
Belt Pouch with Gun Holster works great for my daily CCW here in this liberal anti-gun State of California. I find it comfortable and easily access. Reply
Excellent for conceal carry. Your gun fits perfectly to included an extra magazine. It also provides a zipper pocket for your cell phone. I highly recommend. You will be pleasantly surprised. Reply
Perfect! Reply
Great concealed carry device. I chose denim finish and wore it around the house for days with my iPhone in the front. My wife didn't even notice it and she's nervous around guns. Well made, solid and a perfect fit for my G26 plus 1 mag. Have used Craft for a few leather holsters and the quality and price are really hard to beat. Excellent customer service as well. Thank you Craft! Reply
Bruce Goldstein
The nylon belt pouch is well made and is an ideal carry method in hot weather. The holster is available in several colors and resembles a large cell phone pouch. Unlike other holsters of this type , these can actually Carry your phone and your handgun in separate pockets . I also place a writing pad and pen in the outside mesh pocket to further camouflage it’s purpose. These holsters are high quality and a great value. Reply
James Tate
This holster has met my needs perfectly, I bought it for ease of carry and because it doesn’t look like a holster. It fits my shield 45 like it was made for it. Thanks for a great product Reply
Brad Rounds
Workmanship is excellent and is otherwise as advertised. Zipper brake works very well. Only thing that could be better for me is if it rode an inch or so higher on the belt. Reply
Awesome belt pouch Reply
K. C. From Dallas
Bought this to give me a casual, low visibility option for carrying my Sig P320 compact more comfortably. Works great , the corner-pull technique takes a little practice but gives really quick access when needed. I clip my keys to the pouch and nobody gives it a second look—very satisfied with this innovative approach to every day concealed carry. Reply
K. C. From Dallas
Bought this to give me a casual, low visibility option for carrying my Sig P320 compact more comfortably. Works great , the corner-pull technique takes a little practice but gives really quick access when needed. I clip my keys to the pouch and nobody gives it a second look—very satisfied with this innovative approach to every day concealed carry. Reply
I had ordered this holster for a rather large handgun, the CZ P-09. I was continually updated by the company as the holster was being made and when it shipped. Upon arrival, I observed that the quality was top notch and the fit was excellent! It conceals my hard to conceal handgun very well along with a spare magazine. Securing a holster in the bag was easy with the Velcro backing. I'll order another for my HK VP9! Great service, great product from an American company!!! Reply
Robert Russell
I chose the belt pouch for four reasons: 1. Some people in my community get upset when they see a gun strapped to a person's side...true story from a greeter in Wal-Mart. I also get concerned when I see others wearing a sidearm, even though it's legal, its just not a common site. Therefore I like the pouch because I don't want to upset people around me. 2. God forgive me if I should have to injure or kill someone trying to protect my life, my family or bystanders from a perpetrator in the act of violence. 3. I dont want the perpetrator, who is in the act of violence to know they have the advantage. The belt pouch looks similar to the type of pouches people wear to stow various articles they need. A belt pouch holster doesn't raise suspension, which makes me comfortable when around people. 4. The pouch is flexible in that I have two pistols that are different in shape, however I can move the internal accessory to aid in the fit. Prior to my purchase of this pouch, I looked everywhere and could not find anything compared to this quality and has the ability to open the pouch with a tug on a loop....when pulled, it exposes the weapon immediately. That's my choice, my story. Bob Russell Reply
D. Tolbert
Good fit, solid craftsmanship. Will buy from again. Reply
This pouch is awesome. Unassuming the way concealed carry should be. For outdoors work it looks like any other day pouch, keep a small notebook and pen flashlight in the front still have room for my Sig 320 plus two mags. Thank you for the great craftsmanship and finally creating something truly undisoverable. Reply
Ronald A. Gooden
The quality is superb, I got the levi blue color one as not to stand out, the holster is quite large, but so is my 357. It hugs your body extremely well you would never guess there was a revolver in it plus I put a pad of paper, my pen and my cell phone all in different compartments and easy to get to. The tear away loops on the top give it away as a concealed carry pouch, but only if you know what they are. It can be set up on your right side or left for a cross draw, which I prefer. You can't find anything in the U.S. that fits a real revolver only those little semi auto's that only have enough fire power to make the criminals angry, Thank you for making this, I have been searching for two years and was ecstatic when I saw this. I almost forgot, there is enough room in the revolver area for extra ammo, you just have to come up with a way to store it. Sincerely, Ronald A. Gooden Reply
Arthur Hathaway
I really like the belt pouch with the concealed gun holster. It is very well made it is every thing I hoped it would be. Thank you for a good product. Reply
I like this holster/pouch very much. This is my method of carry of choice and I wear it everyday. I bought it to replace a different brand that I have carried for years and completely wore out. This is a perfect replacement with an added bonus. This pouch has two loops for a belt to go through. I put my belt trough one, then through a belt loop on my pants and then through the other loop on the pouch. This locks the holster onto a pants belt loop and keeps it from sliding around. The smallest size just fits my Smith and Wesson light weight 38 spl. The zipper pocket holds a speed strip. Very happy with my purchase and plan to buy another to have an extra. Reply
Robert Murphy
Have not been able to find the right holster to fit me. Seen this pouch/holster on Craft Holsters for a very reasonable price so thought I would try it. Glad I did this fits my needs great. Craftsmanship is great, fits my Walther perfectly. Definitely recommend Craft Holsters to others. Reply
Fiberboy FG
I ordered 3 belt pouches. 1 for me 2 for gifts. we all are very happy with them. the only thing I would change is a quick open tab for the holster. Reply
Jeff Nichols
Best conceal carry holster out there Reply
Tom Parsons
Size 1:To small for a J frame snub with laser grips. Size 1 good fit for Kimber Micro with laser grips. Size 2 large for J Frame. Would like a size in between 1 and 2. Reply
Daniel Baker
This is first belt pouch bought from Craft, what can I say, its a pouch. Its well made for the purpose, dont know if I will wear it much however. You cant compare it to their holsters which are extremely well made, not that the pouch is bad, its like comparing apples to oranges. If this is what you want, then I highly recommend the pouch Reply
Took forever!
Please with it but it took a really long time to get it. Reply
The product I ordered, Conceal Carry Pouch, was in stock and arrived as promised. It works as advertised. Thank You, Mark Reply
Solid, my kel-Tec 380 fits just fine love it. Reply
Very well made product . I can see it lasting for many years. My Ruger SR9c fits in perfectly and there is room to carry a couple of clips too. Reply
This pouch hangs nicely and will handle my Glock 17 along with a spare clip. Craft customer service girls where very helpful. Reply
Fits my Px4 Compact perfectly and does exactly what it is intended to, but my gun is too heavy for this holster to be worn comfortably . It just doesn’t work for me. Reply
excellent ..... convenient to carry, easy to access and unnoticed by the public when shopping. Reply
Very pleased Reply
Nice product, very light weight, fits well and cofortable to wear. Fully satisfied with and recommend it. Reply
Bob Cirillo
Decent value. The velcro holster strap is too small for a P320 compact with a laser/light on the rail. Reply
John Bush
I love everything about the pouch except that it needs another Velcro loop to hold a spare clip. I made my own and there is plenty of room for both the gun (Glock Model 36 45ACP) and the spare clip. Reply
Border Corsair
Nicely made pouch. Mine holds my Sig 365 perfectly. I sometimes hang it from my belt with my cell phone in the mesh front pocket for distraction, but I find I usually just carry it in my hand as an inconspicuous package. No one seems to pay any attention to it, but with the quick pull loops I can open it in a flash and deploy my pistol just as fast. Very pleased with this purchase. I didn't notice when I ordered it that I was buying a Slovakian made product, but the shipping was very fast. In fact it arrived a day before the American made Kydex holster I ordered on the same day! My Slovakian descent wife was extremely excited when she brought home a package from Slovakia. Congratulations on a very nicely made and functional product. Reply
Border Corsair
Nicely made pouch. Mine holds my Sig 365 perfectly. I sometimes hang it from my belt with my cell phone in the mesh front pocket for distraction, but I find I usually just carry it in my hand as an inconspicuous package. No one seems to pay any attention to it, but with the quick pull loops I can open it in a flash and deploy my pistol just as fast. Very pleased with this purchase. I didn't notice when I ordered it that I was buying a Slovakian made product, but the shipping was very fast. In fact it arrived a day before the American made Kydex holster I ordered on the same day! My Slovakian descent wife was extremely excited when she brought home a package from Slovakia. Congratulations on a very nicely made and functional product. Reply
I Phillips
I was looking for a holster to use while backpacking/camping. Something I could keep on pack or on body that didn't scream "I have a gun" and offered some level of protection for the firearm from the environment. I haven't taken it on a trek yet but I have been able to carry my SD9VE (same size as a Glock 19 for reference) comfortably on the pack hip belt and my pant belt without comfort issues on my short walks. Additionally I have been able to fit my emergency/get home kit (flat compass, knife, fire starter, emergency blanket, spare light, whistle) in the other pouches. All in all very good product, only had two draw issues both user error; first when I missed the loop, second when I forgot to reposition the zippers after re-holster. MY ONLY COMPLAINT THUS FAR; I ordered the black pouch because it said it was in stock and I thought I would have the pouch before my most recent outing but after checkout it said 4-5 week lead time. If I knew it was that length of lead time I would have gone with Red or Orange for emergency kit visibility. Otherwise company and pouch have been great. I have already recommended it to other carry-conscious trip goers. Reply
Jerald Allen
I bought this pouch/holster to carry my Sig P320 subcompact and cell phone while working in the woods on my tractor. Unfortunately the Sig did not fit well. I have several other guns which do fit so all is not lost. The cell phone fit perfectly. It is well made and worth the price. Reply
Brent Johnson
I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I have a Bresa thunder 380. Holds the gun well and seems to be well built. I do wish that the belt hoops were placed just a little lower. As they are when I am setting down it is always wanting to push up as it is against the seat. Other than that I like it. Reply
Dave L.
excellent concealed carry holster choice Reply
Brad Rounds
My second for a different firearm -well-made, ride securely and comfortably, attractive and with more reliable quick access than many others I have tried. Reply
Ron H.
Fits perfectly. Room for an extra clip. A friend at church bought the exact same pouch and loves it. The extra pockets give space for cell phone, small penlight, credit cards and other small necessary items. The quick release pull string works great for immediate access to the gun. Signature required for reception of the product, of which we were not originally aware -- due to international shipping. Not knowing that a signature was required, we missed the delivery on first attempt because we were not home. Item was returned to FedEx and sent out for delivery the next day when we happened to be home to receive it. We did not know that this was a product shipped internationally. Order was placed on April 12th, processed and shipped on April 13th and we received it on April 20th. We would have received it on the 19th (6 days from the time they shipped it) had we been home to sign for it. Reply
As this carry holster will be used in an environment where fully concealed, yet quickly available weapon might be needed, it looks totally NOT a holster. The outer mesh allows other needed items to be carried while also serving as visual misdirection from the inner qualities of the bag. Being fully belt loop mounted, it will remain firmly in place on that belt during a wide variety of work and other activities and with a lighter weapon, makes long days (14 hrs plus) carry far more comfortable than other options. Reply
Melvon Gooch
Great product and well made. Great fit for my S&W 357 Magnum Revolver. Reply
Ralph Cramden
I am not as proficient with new things, so I ordered the one I guessed on the size. Well, the next day I decided to actually measure and learned I ordered the wrong size. I quickly sent an email and Craft Holster corrected the order and I got the pouch holster. I learned the strong elastic that secures the weapon was adjustable since it is securely Velcro'd in position. This makes it adjustable for carrying on either side. Craft Holster does a great job on customer service and the prices are really good. Now I can carry my concealed weapon whenever I want. I will get another for another of my guns. Reply
A guynmo
Bought this holster for my Taurus 605- 357 pistol. And the gun fits nicely in it. It has enough room in another compartment for a few rounds of spare ammunition. Seems to be well made-certainly very comfortable to wear Reply
Nice little pouch and seems well made. Reply
T. May
Very nice belt bag holster, showed to co-worker and wants one . International shipping in one week at the standard rate. Great product and service. Reply
Todd shearer
I like the belt pouch not only does it hold your pistol there's room for a couple of clips also. Reply
Excellent quality, well made and exceeded my expectations. My wife likes it also, she took it and is using it. I might have to order another holster. Reply
I just received mine and it fits my Kahr CT380 perfectly, and plenty of room for an extra mag or two. Drawing will take a bit of practice but this holster is very practical and unobtrusive. I can also carry my cell phone in the outer pocket. I am part of a church security team, and this holster is a good warm weather option with light clothing. Reply
Very nice product and nice people to do business with. Reply
So far I'm pleased with this pouch holster. It conceals my small frame 1911 well and still has the function of having your cell phone packaged right along. This give at least an appearance that you are not CCW. This holster is not a quick draw package, but you can get to your weapon without any great complications. Reply
Robert Russell
I love the pouch a lot, I have two. They are made with high quality material, especially the smooth working zippers, one tug and.the.gun is exposed. I really like that people don't know I'm carrying a gun. When some people see an exposed gun and traditional holster, they tend to tighten up. Reply
Joe Bleaux
Good product. Needs a stiffener, such as a thin sheet of plastic in the outside of the pouch to make sure that there is no indication that there is a pistol in the pouch (not that there is much of one now). Reply
frederick j. godec
great fit, I bought two, one small one large. I should of bought the size in the middle. oh well , very good workman ship. my country people did a very good job. Reply
Frederick J. Godec
I am a retired Police Commissioner, a retired business man of 48 years,I take care of the money at my church, I carried a gun holster belt type to carry a gun in the past. very visual, which I did not like, A friend mentioned this brand and type to me, I liked it and bought two. great fit , very good workman ship. I am glad my country men did such a good job on them. very reasonable priced. and extra pockets. wow. I keep my carry permit right with the unit. and it does not look like a holster. I love it. Reply
B. Davidson
Great product. I’ve worn it a couple of weeks now and no one has guessed or even asked what it is. I like the entire design. The zipper system is fast and easy in the drills I’ve run. Reply
Joe G.
I like the concept, especially for the summer months. Nothing to gouge you in the midsection. You can move about freely without worrying about losing the gear. The double belt loops secure it close nicely. I had to add some more parachute cord to the other three zipper grips to keep them from making noise as I moved about in quiet areas. I wish there was a little more thickness to the whole thing. Once I get my full size Sign Sauer in place, it leaves the outside pockets limited for space. The gun holstered, my extra magazine enclosed in the first outside zipped pocket (concealed), and then I have to force my phone into the exposed net pocket. Very tight fit. Doesn't help that my magazine is a double stack but, I don't want to leave it exposed or left behind. I didn't want to go to the next size up in holster size, because I am a small build of a person as it is. It would be like having a plane carry on me all the time. None the less I will be using it alot. I do have a big LG phone as well. I might carry it separately on my other hip. I do want to thank Craft Holsters for a decent product for the money. I hope you take my ideas to heart. If I notice you have, I will be a returning customer. Reply
the holster is good for exterior , for taurus g 2c, with extra mag. Reply
Scott D.
I'm very pleased with this holster. Quality is excellent, very well made. Price was good, service from the manufacturer was great. And the fit for my gun is perfect. I'll be a repeat customer. Reply
Paul Weed
The holster is just great, the right size and easy access to my weapon. My only negative is that I ordered a black and got the brown. Reply
Very Good Reply
D Quay
Excellent pouch holster! Well made and my 8" 1911 fits perfectly. Reply
D Quay
Excellent pouch holster! Well made and my 8" 1911 fits perfectly. Reply
Used two of these for a trip to some national parks in bear country. Very inconspicuous design. Works great if you add a shoulder strap, I wore it like a belt and my wife wore hers across her body on her shoulder. Reply
Great product! Fast delivery! I've been wearing it ever since it arrived. My Walther PPK .380 fits securely and is unnoticeable. Highly recommend. Reply
There seems to always be compromises in firearms and holsters. This holster is the best conceal model I've found for my purposes and I've purchased several types. It appears well designed and flexible in function. It is what I was looking for and I am very pleased to have it. Reply
So far seems really great Reply
Holster is well made. Quick release zipper is a Hugh plus. I would recommend this to everyone. Reply
Holster is well made. The quick release zipper is a big plus. I would recommend this holster to everyone. Reply
Joe traylor
Love it.. Reply
D Alan
Had for 1 day. Worn it. Appears high quality, with excellent fit/finish. Gun held securely, vertical, or canted forward or back. Right, left, crossdraw or left/right on abdomen. Hangs naturally and moves with you. Sit with total comfort, in a number of positions. This pouch looks like an ordinary pouch for pens, smartphone or a small notepad. Could easily pass as insulin pump. And could readily carry an insulin pump, insulin syringes/supplies and your carry weapon. I expect to get daily use from it. No fears dropping a weapon. I seriously doubt someone could rip it away while being worn. Sleek and hidden in plain sight. Reply
Richard Benedict
Haven't had a chance to use it yet. Appears to be what I wanted. Reply
This pouch is made very well and is perfect size for compact handguns. I use it for backpacking and hiking. Fit on my backpack straps for concealment. Reply
Well made, great EDC solution for my CZ RAMI. There are other hiding in plain sight offerings, but for my money this is the one. Shipped fast as well, very pleased. Likely going to get one for my 1911 to see how practical it is for a full size. Great product. Reply
Paul Niemi
I am very happy with this holster option. I have a pistol on the medium-large side to consider. My leather fanny pack concealed holster has served me for many years, but I always felt a bit conspicuous wearing it. I bought an ambidextrous holster which could be worn on either side and either IWB or OWB. It works, but just uncomfortable enough it was not a good universal choice. I shopped for belt pouch alternatives and most were too small for my Kahr TP40. I really like the Craft belt pouch holster I bought. It appears to just be a carrier of a cell phone, a pen and paper pad, and a place to zip my wallet away. It can be used with any mode of dress. The ONLY reason I gave it four stars instead of five is that the velcro strap inside is oriented for a horizontal barrel support and the pouch is not wide enough. The pistol is six and a half inches long, so I have to carry it vertically with the barrel pointed down. Still the best choice. Reply
Alan E.
A versatile pouch. Moves with you. Keeps gun, mags and cellphone or other items together when removed. Much more comfortable than regular holsters. Not a quickdraw system. But adequate speed to deploy a gun. The nylon belt loops are strong. Not going to be torn loose and your gun is not going to accidentally fall on ground. This is my warm weather solution to concealed carry, in the open. My pistol does not print. To mark even more of a nerd wallet of it, order it in a bright color to make it hidden in plain sight. The pouch could carry an insulin pump, insulin pens, etc. The sight of the pouch with a tube coming out of it would be very normalizing. As does a cellphone in the exposed mesh. Probably will order a second pouch for a revolver. Reply
Jack Ashton
Perfect fit for my S&W 696 plus. Plan to purchase one for my S&W mp9 2.0 3.6 pistol. Reply
Robert Haverstick
this is one of the best "Concealed Gun Holster" that I have. Reply
Perfect fit for the purpose I planned for. Keeping discretely at home at some accessible place or carrying on the belt. It just looks like a pocket for loose change, IDs and cell phone. Good quality of materials. Thank you guys for a hand-written sticky note inside the pack I received - a much appreciated personal touch! Reply
William Odenwelder
Great pouch for my hand gun. I added an additional elastic band for a reserve magazine. Fits like a glove. The only improvement that would be best for me, is made out of soft leather. Reply
Zippers have a tendency to stick. Reply
John Trudo
Great size works well on my belt Reply
Well made and easy access to pistol. Zipper has to be on top to keep from opening accidentally. Quicker rip open access that way. Use daily. Reply
Fred Kaping
I like the holster very much. It could be an inch wider and higher...just need a little more room. Reply
The small pouch is perfect for my Ruger LCP II. Conceals the Ruger and looks like a cell phone case. I keep a pen and knife in the front pockets where handy if needed. They help give the appearance of a utility pouch. The winter climate here is such that I vary the shirts and jacket that I wear throughout the day without concern for concealment. It is great! Reply
Charles R. Frieda
So far I have found it works quite well. I wish it had just a bit more width which would allow you to put your iPhone in the pocket a little easier. It wouldn’t take more than a 1/4 inch more width. I have an iPhone 8+. Thanks Reply
Charles R. Frieda
So far I have found it works quite well. I wish it had just a bit more width which would allow you to put your iPhone in the pocket a little easier. It wouldn’t take more than a 1/4 inch more width. I have an iPhone 8+. Thanks Reply
Charles R. Frieda
So far I have found it works quite well. I wish it had just a bit more width which would allow you to put your iPhone in the pocket a little easier. It wouldn’t take more than a 1/4 inch more width. I have an iPhone 8+. Thanks Reply
Top quality. Works perfectly!! Reply
Lane Prochnow
It is a Great Holster, fits my HK VP 40 just great. Nice extra pockets. Perfect for us older guys that have that put on extra weight, can be off to the side and can wear a seat belt with it on. What it does need is another Velcro loop holder for a extra clip or what ever. I made one to work in there to hold another clip. Otherwise a great product. Thanks , Lane Prochnow. Reply
Paul Engel
Excellent product, to bad it takes 1 to 2 weeks before they expedite your order Reply
The pouch was as advertised. It is just the right size for my S&W .40 Shield. This gun/pouch combo is light weight and comfortable to carry. I forget that I have it on my belt. The pocket and mesh net on the pouch are just big enough to hold, cell phone, ID and glasses. Happy with the purchase and the reasonable price. Reply
I purchased the medium size belt pouch for use while backpacking. First off, the customer service is the best I've ever received from any online vendor; very personable, super prompt, and easy to deal with even when shipping details needed to be amended. The product quality is superb--highest quality in every respect--and it fits on the my backpack waist webbing very well. The dual zipper and ripcord design is simple and highly functional. Top quality craftsmanship for a reasonable price, thanks! Reply
It is a nice product. I can carry concealed anywhere it is legal. Reply
Just what I was looking for. Great product! Reply
Chuck Blake
So far so good. My belt holster seems to be well constructed and my .380 compact fits comfortably & available inside. The mesh pouch keeps my cell phone convenient, as well as, making the gun holster unassuming. Reply
It was just what I wanted and expected. Reply
Love this belt pouch. It fits my handgun perfectly and is so inconspicuous. With the other things I have attached to my belt, no one would ever know I am packing a weapon. Thanks Craft Holster. My search for the right “holster” is over. Reply

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