Belly Band Holster Code: It. 508/1

Belly Band Holster Code: It. 508/1

Belly Band Holster
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Layered Functional Nylon
Layered Functional Nylon
Durable Stitching & Construction
Durable Stitching & Construction
Fits Like A Glove
Fits Like A Glove
Premium 5 Year Warranty
Premium 5 Year Warranty
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The Belly band holster is designed for the concealed gun carry. It is made of a stretchable material and its effective design allows a deep concealment carry. The belly band contains the gun holster part, where the gun is secured in by an elastic string and features a Velcro closing. It is made of a breathable elastic material, perfect for daily carry or for the use during the sports activities.

Please note: "Baby Size" pistols are: FEG Pa-63, Glock 42& 43, Makarov, Ruger LC9, Sig P232, Walther P22, PP, PPK, PPS

  • Produced by Falco holsters

  • Concealed gun carry

  • Available in black and tan color

  • Made from elastic breathable material

  • Gun holster part with elastic string

  • Velcro closing for the perfect stability

  • Elastic string secures the gun

  • Available in left and right-handed design

  • Width of the belly band is 3.5''

  • 5 year limited warranty

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Joe Mizell
This is the second holster I purchased. The first one (an ankle holster) I hated. This one is fantastic. It holds the firearm close to the body and is very comfortable. Highly recommend. Reply

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