The Process Of Order Handling

Process Of Order Handling

These step-by-step descriptions of fulfilling your order will help you better understand our working procedure. Feel free to contact our customer service if you have any questions.

Step 1

Once you complete the ordering process from our web, your order is entered into our database

Step 2

You will receive an email notification of the received order

Step 3

After confirmation of your payment is received your order status then changes to payment received (paid) and email notification is sent to you as well.


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Step 4

We process your order and contact you ASAP if any issues arise

Step 5

Your order is then forwarded directly to our producers.

Step 6

The production process takes up to 6 - 8 weeks. This allows us to maintain high product quality.

Step 7

The completed orders are sent to our Expedition department, where all necessary documents are prepared and packed with the merchandise

Step 8

The last email notification confirming the shipment is sent to you automatically.

Step 9

Your order is then on its way to you directly from us, using the selected shipping method

Step 10

UPS packages are processed each working day. UPS tracking info is sent to you the next day and your order is then traceable on

Step 11

Economy packages are processed once a week, these orders are not traceable.


Please note:

•  Most of our products are express custom made specifically for each order. 
•  Our production facility is located in the European Union and orders are shipped from the producers.
•  Orders are shipped by UPS Express Saver and are traceable on with the UPS tracking number.
•  Orders shipped Economy do not offer a tracking service, delivery takes about 10 working days.
•  We are not responsible for damage, breakage or loss of the products while in transit.
•  Damaged shipments are to be reported immediately to the shipment provider. Ask the shipment provider to make an inspection and register a claim directly with them. The original boxes must be held for the Federal Express inspection.


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