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Belt Holster with Vega Stop Snap Safety System

Vega Holsters

4.5 out of 5
CodeIt. P2 Weight0.71 lbs.
MaterialNylon Warranty2 year
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The duty holster is made of Cordura material and designed for the OWB carry. It features an adjustable thumb break with Stop snap safety mechanism. The Stop snap safety system is based on the blocking of the thumb snap. A safety cap, which slides on the plastic lace, is blocking the snap in the up position and releasing in the down position. The security system can be quickly unlocked using a thumb. The holster features a polymer belt loop support, which allows a vertical carry with different inclinations. It contains also the barrel-sighted guide to protect the gun sights.

Vega duty holsters are designed to fit a 2” belt.


  • Produced by Vega holsters
  • Available in black, blue and white Cordura
  • Entire barrel covered
  • Open muzzle design
  • Plastic adjustable thumb break
  • Polymer belt loop support
  • The barrel-sighted guide
  • Stop snap safety system
  • Security level 2
  • Available in right and left handed design
  • 2 year limited warranty

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S & H Information

To guarantee the shortest handling time, we stock over 1000 holsters. However according to many gun/holster/color/hand combinations, part of orders have to be produced and have a bit longer handling time (2 - 4 weeks). Thank you for understanding.

Each product is custom made for specific gun model. All new holsters will have a tight fit untill broken in.

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